Pallet Control Tower Europe Launch

11th July 2023

Logistics BusinessPallet Control Tower Europe Launch

During the international annual meeting of all European EPAL members, Pallet Control Tower b.v. (PCT) joined the Dutch EPAL department. PCT launches a new European standard in collection, delivery and matching of Euro pallets and other RTIs.

The 24/7 online platform uses blockchain technology and is therefore able to convert the value of new and used pallets into e-Credits. These e-Credits are collected, stored, and spent in the participants’ e-Wallet. This creates an open pooling system with the strengths of a closed system.

In recent years, the price of Euro pallets has risen and fluctuated. The physical ‘swapping’ of pallets is becoming increasingly difficult due to the increasingly complex international logistics chains. The use and settlement of pallets, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly important and more comprehensive. Rules between companies are not always clear. Drivers don’t have the time or knowledge to ‘swap’. And transporting empty pallets in trucks is certainly not sustainable. Something that Buck Consultants International also observed in an earlier study.

The research was part of the basis for this new platform. In the system, end users, transporters / DCs and pallet depots, traders and manufacturers are linked to each other. A virtual network is created in which Collection, Delivery & Matching of EPAL Euro pallets and other RTIs is possible 24/7 and throughout Europe. Pallets are given a value based on the EUWID and are discounted in a wallet via an e-Credit. Physical delivery is thus reserved to nearby depots, traders or manufacturers. This creates a sustainable system that anticipates new regulations from Brussels.

PCT Online will be rolled out throughout the entire logistics chain in the coming months. Interested parties can find more information (including a video) on the website or request a demo.