Ensure Warehouse Security at Christmas

20th October 2023

Logistics BusinessEnsure Warehouse Security at Christmas

Christmas is two months away. This means that the peak season is now starting in e-commerce and preparations for the Christmas business are in full swing. As every year, valuable gifts are ordered that need to be protected against theft and transport damage. In order to increase the protection of high-value products in warehouses, Wanzl has developed the fully enclosed package roll cage, which meets stringent security requirements down to the smallest detail. Thanks to its modular system, it offers an individual equipment option for all requirements. This makes Christmas business in the warehouse not only secure, but also more convenient for the warehouse staff.

Focus on security and efficiency

“In times of increasing online orders as well as a growing demand for fast delivery, the security of goods and efficiency in storage and transport are paramount. With our enclosed package roll cages, we have created a solution that meets the needs of the industry,” explains Markus Spengler, Senior Vice President Business Development International at Wanzl Material Handling. The basic model is made of sheet metal or wire mesh and also has a hinged mesh cover and a two- or four-leaf mesh door. Thanks to its L-frame design, the container can be stored compactly. When empty, it can be folded up in no time at all and arranged in one row or crosswise in two rows. This makes it ideal for storing when not in use or for transporting safely and optimally in a truck.

A fully enclosed package roll cage prevents inventory differences during transport and defies all logistical challenges during the peak season.

Two overlapping metal tabs on the mesh doors, which the customer can firmly lock either with a padlock or a lead seal, provide additional security. The sealed package roll cage allows companies to store and transport their valuable goods, such as expensive jewellery, luxury perfumes or the latest technology, securely and efficiently. Especially during transport, the seal offers great advantages. The seals can be easily destroyed after delivery and there is no need for complicated key transfer. In addition, this system is much more secure and environmentally friendly than transporting goods on pallets wrapped in stretch film. With its robust design and reliable locking mechanism, the Wanzl trolley offers a high level of protection against theft and unauthorised access. Particularly during the busy run-up to Christmas, this is crucial when warehouses are full of high-value gifts and orders. With Wanzl’s security containers, end consumers can be sure that their Christmas gift orders will arrive under the Christmas tree in perfect condition.

The right solution for every requirement

The modularity of the package roll cage is another major advantage. Whether the trolley needs to carry large or small, light or heavy parcels, it can be easily adapted to the specific needs of the customer. The mesh doors can be installed in either a two-leaf or four-leaf model. The opening angle of 270° makes filling and unloading particularly easy. If you want to equip the trolley for even greater convenience, you can add a writing board for portrait-format documents in A4 or insert frames made of transparent plastic for A5 documents in landscape format attached to the side walls. The folding handle bars are ideal for ergonomic pushing and pulling of the trolley. These can be mounted at the desired grip height. The handle bars, on the side panels or on the rear panel, also help when manoeuvring. The locking device ensures that the trolley is stable when loading and unloading. This module is particularly advantageous for working on truck beds. Other equipment options that can be added to the package roll cage as required are foldable shelves made of sheet metal, wood or wire mesh. The package roll cage can be moved through the warehouse not only individually, but also as a train. The addition of a coupling and drawbar makes steering particularly easy for employees.

With expertise through the Christmas season

As an expert with decades of experience, Wanzl offers the ideal solution for warehouse logistics companies preparing for the upcoming Christmas period. The combination of protection, modularity and expertise makes this product an indispensable investment for anyone who wants to optimise their intralogistics. “With the modular system, we offer a suitably equipped product for every requirement in the warehouse and customers can be confident that their holiday orders will arrive safely,” concludes Spengler.