CakeBoxx Launches ThermoBoxx Side and Top Loading Reefer

29th January 2020

Logistics BusinessCakeBoxx Launches ThermoBoxx Side and Top Loading Reefer

Shipping container innovator CakeBoxx Technologies has launched ‘ThermoBoxx’ refrigerated containers. It follows on the heels of both their 12’ wide hi-cube refrigerated two-piece CakeBoxx containers delivered to a US Government agency early last year and their purpose-built CoilBoxx rolled out to the steel and aluminum coil industry last Spring.

CakeBoxx Technologies designed these new models as a time saving, cost-effective solution for the movement of temperature-sensitive cargos that would normally be difficult to load and unload through conventional reefer container doors due to their size, shape or weight. The side and top loading capability is a key differentiation from conventional containers and provides a strong value proposition for speed of loading, product safety, security and loss prevention.

The ThermoBoxx line of refrigerated containers incorporates the company’s unique two-piece deck and lid design and will initially be available in both 20’ and 40’ hi-cube versions. As with all CakeBoxx models, fully customized versions of the ThermoBoxx are expected to follow shortly, including both 45’ and 53’ hi-cube models. The new ThermoBoxx containers combine the industry standard cargo loading doors on the rear end with the removable CakeBoxx lid. This combination of loading options will enable shippers to load cargos from the top or side by removing the CakeBoxx lid (with full 360° access to the deck) or through the rear doors as with conventional reefer containers.