Award for ZirConic Large Container

1st July 2024

Logistics BusinessAward for ZirConic Large Container

CHEP, a global leader in reusable pallets and containers, and Cabka, a leader in sustainable transport packaging, have won the Red Dot Product Design Award in the Industrial Packaging category for the CHEP ZirConic® foldable large container. Delivered on June 24th in Essen, Germany, this award recognizes the innovative design, functionality, and sustainability of the CHEP ZirConic® container.

A revolutionary solution to modern supply chain challenges

The CHEP ZirConic® foldable large container was developed in response to CHEP’s recognition of the need for superior reusable transport packaging (RTP) solutions that align with contemporary supply chain demands. Designed in collaboration with Cabka, a leading expert in product design and material engineering, the CHEP ZirConic® container represents a new generation of RTPs that excel in operational performance and environmental sustainability.

“As an industry leader, we recognise our unique position to go beyond sustainability and make our operations truly regenerative through product and commercial innovation”, said Daniel López, Product Management and Innovation Director at CHEP Europe. “The ZirConic container is the first of a series of new generation of packaging solutions designed from customer insights and intended to set the new industry standard for dry containment at the highest innovation and sustainability level. The Red Dot Award recognises the value delivered to our customers through the exceptional co-design work carried out with Cabka, our strategic partner.”

Unparalleled design and sustainability features

The CHEP ZirConic® container stands out for its circular design, being made of 97% post-consumer plastic and fully recyclable at the end of its lifespan. This focus on sustainability reduces waste and supports a circular economy model. Key features of the CHEP ZirConic® foldable large container include:
• Modular design for extended life: facilitates easy repair and component replacement, ensuring minimal downtime and maximizing usability.
• Supply chain optimisation: offers up to 15% increased internal volume and 33% extra load capacity, raising it from 500 kg to 750 kg, enabling efficient use of warehouse space and transportation resources.
• Enhanced foldability: Allows for compact storage and optimised truck capacity, thus reducing transportation costs and CO2 emissions. Additionally, the shelf’s innovative design enables it to be folded inside the container, further optimising space usage and improving internal processes.
• Content integrity: features a secure snap-on lid and tamper-evident designs to protect goods from contamination.
• IoT integration: each container is uniquely serialised for precise tracking and has a designated space for digital device integration, enabling a wealth of supply chain insights and enhanced visibility that allows customers to make informed decisions.

Development and implementation

The project began in September 2021, bringing together teams from CHEP and Cabka. At Cabka’s Innovation Center in Valencia, Spain, the CHEP ZirConic® container was developed using methods like Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and full-scale prototypes. Cabka’s state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to creating customized product solutions by leveraging advanced technologies, a deep understanding of material science, and comprehensive product testing. The product was further refined through technical validation and customer feedback.

Ignacio Castellano Montoro, Vice President Pooling and System Integrations at Cabka, added, “Working with CHEP to develop the CHEP ZirConic® container has been a rewarding experience. Receiving the Red Dot Award highlights our successful partnership and recognizes our commitment to creating innovative solutions for the circular economy.

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