Warehouse Drone Employed for Efficiency

6th January 2023

Logistics BusinessWarehouse Drone Employed for Efficiency

Kite, an employee share-owned company, is paving the way for logistics as one of the first UK businesses to incorporate warehouse drone technology into its materials handling operation.

Next generation technology, inventAIRy XL, provides automated inventory control in rack and pallet warehouses whilst offering unrivalled efficiency. It has allowed Kite Packaging to significantly improve their processes by undertaking the responsibility of stock checking, enabling the company’s workforce to focus on order fulfilment to meet the rising demand for ecommerce whilst maintaining outstanding customer service.

Using sensors for barcode scanning, a ground robot for autonomous navigation, and smart software to make the data obtained usable, the drone conducts cycle counts considerably faster than any manual operation, no matter how effective it may be. The revolutionary pairing of this technology with a supporting ground vehicle conquers three key constraints of drone use in warehouses: battery endurance, flight stability and autonomous navigation with GP.

Warehouse Drone accuracy

By overcoming these issues, inventAIRy XL removes the need for labour to carry out inventory counts, thus eliminating possibilities for human error and increasing the accuracy of Kite’s operation. The need for mobile elevating work platforms is also made redundant, significantly reducing health and safety risks for staff.

Ultimately, the drone has streamlined Kite’s warehouse operation for far greater efficiency, empowering the leading online packaging supplier to continue improving their existing first-class customer service.