Strapping Machine Evolution

7th August 2019

Logistics BusinessStrapping Machine Evolution

FachPack 2019 is where Mosca GmbH will show how its well-proven machines are constantly evolving. The strapping machine specialists will be presenting selected models, including the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H. Already established as a high-speed performer for bulky goods, this machine now comes with a new feature. Equipped with a vertical feeder, it now secures products with solid cardboard edge protectors. Mosca is also exhibiting the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR-ZV launched at the trade show last year along with the EVOLUTION SoniXs TR-6 Pro model designed for Industry 4.0 applications.

From palletized boxes to fruit crates and plastic containers – Mosca has equipped its EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H strapping machine with a vertical edge protection feeder to reliably secure horizontally stacked layers. This device positions solid cardboard protection elements on the four outer edges of the product to be packaged before the machine straps them horizontally. “The application is especially practical for securing fruit and vegetable containers in the food industry. But it can also be used in other logistics operations,” explains Mosca CEO Timo Mosca. So far, the high-speed machine has primarily been used to meet the demands of furniture and home appliance manufacturers.

The standard EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H magazine can be loaded with edge protectors in three different sizes. Along with the length of the entire element, the wing width and material thickness are variable. This ensures the ideal protection for each application. The edge protectors are made from solid recyclable cardboard, which offers an eco-friendly alternative to stretch wrapping or other methods that use plastic film to hold stacked layers in place. When the supply of edge protectors is used up, the empty magazine can be quickly removed from the machine and replaced with a full one. This saves time, material and production costs.

Edge protectors are positioned on the stack precisely and efficiently – without manual intervention. Laser beams detect the four corners of the stack as soon as it is placed on the machine. The edge protectors are then simultaneously brought into place on the product and carefully attached. Product height is also automatically detected by the machine and the process is usually completed with two to five straps applied horizontally.

The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H equipped with edge protection remains true to its original features. Strapping performance is only minimally affected by the additional step of applying edge protectors. Thanks to intelligent product recognition, the machine can be used with a variety of product groups. Mosca’s patented SoniXs ultrasonic technology is used to securely seal the strap ends. Both PET and PP straps are reliably sealed without a warm-up phase.

While the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H provides optimum stabilization for products stacked on a pallet, the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR-ZV offers a tailor-made, cost-effective strapping solution for securing products to a substructure. This machine was introduced at FachPack 2018 and is specially designed for lightweight products on pallets, dollies or pallet cages. It operates with a reduced strap tension of up to 450 newtons, which eliminates the need for a safety enclosure or safety zone during operation. This lowers procurement costs and makes operation less complicated. The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H is an ideal supplement in complex logistics chains.