Orbis Retail Supply Chain Solutions on Show at Pack Expo

31st August 2017

Logistics BusinessOrbis Retail Supply Chain Solutions on Show at Pack Expo

Reusable packaging supplier ORBIS Corporation will display its range of solutions for the retail supply chain at Pack Expo 2017. This product collection provides the versatility, accuracy and speed needed to create a memorable customer experience in the modern-day retail industry, both in-store and online. ORBIS will be at Booth S-8001 during the show, Sept. 25-27, in Las Vegas.

“Delivering products from the manufacturing plant to the store aisle, with fewer touches and pain points, requires packaging that is easy to transport, store, merchandise and reuse,” said Norm Kukuk, executive vice president of marketing for ORBIS Corporation. “ORBIS enables retailers and the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry to simplify picking, fulfillment and distribution processes so customers receive their products on time, damage-free and with fewer disruptions. Our intent is to improve operational productivity, associate efficiency and the end-consumer experience.”

ORBIS offers durable and user-friendly plastic packaging that drives plant, distribution centre, retail delivery and in-store efficiency, including:

40 x 48 plastic pallets for CPG plant efficiency
ORBIS offers a wide range of pallets to rack, store and stage product within a manufacturing plant. For added plant safety and compliance, pallets made with Proliant™, a new fire-retardant plastic material approved by Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FM) that also is FDA-compliant, will be on display in the ORBIS booth.
OPTE Bulk protects bulk shipments during storage and transportation
The OPTE Bulk is a collapsible bulk system comprised of a plastic pallet, reusable sleeve and top cap, in footprints from 32” x 44” to 40” x 48”. Sleeves are available in several heights, styles and access door configurations. When full, the OPTE Bulk protects bulk products and tote systems during shipping. When empty, the sleeves collapse for easier storing and reduced freight costs, and the lightweight components allow for safer handling.

Picking cart for mobile e-commerce picking and fulfillment solutions
Picking carts can help streamline picking and fulfillment processes in distribution centers and at retail. When carts are paired with reusable totes, users have a system that connects picking to delivery and fulfillment. The wheels and maneuverability are critical to accelerate picking speed and improve order accuracy, especially when these stations span throughout the plant. When used in-store, these carts help speed up replenishment so in-store disturbances are reduced while consumers shop. ORBIS’ standard carts feature powder-coated construction and heavy-duty casters to minimize noise.

Dollies give hand-held distribution centre totes instant mobility
Tote dollies are a simple add-on to hand-held trays and totes, such as ORBIS FliPak®, that give stationary packaging mobile capabilities. These dollies can be used within a distribution center for easy tote handling between workstations, efficient picking for e-commerce deliveries and in-store fulfillment. Dollies are available in multiple materials, footprints and configurations to fit a variety of totes.

Optimize deliveries with small-format pallets that fit in tight aisles and doorways
Brick-and-mortar stores are downsizing to create more convenient shopping experiences, generating a need for packaging that can withstand frequent deliveries and less aisle space. The 42” x 30” Small-Format HP allows for 45 truck configurations versus the standard 30. At retail, the small-format pallet fits in narrow aisles and can be used as a replenishment vehicle to accommodate compact retail formats.

The Pally® reduces in-store labour and time needed for unloading
The new Pally converts from a mobile to static pallet with one press of its pedal. This dual feature allows material to be rolled from the truck directly to the aisle without down-stacking and with less labor. The Pally supports frequent product deliveries and fits in the aisles of small-format stores. It also enables staging of e-commerce products designated for store pickup and can transform into an in-aisle, shopper-ready endcap or point-of-purchase display.

Additionally, as North America’s leading automotive packaging manufacturer, ORBIS will feature the latest for use in industrial applications. On display will be the newest BulkPak® container series, a variety of ORBIShield® dunnage solutions, a 45” x 48” AIAG pallet and new StakPak™ totes.

Try the ORBIS retail delivery system app at Pack Expo
The retail delivery system touch-screen application by ORBIS will be available to use at Booth S-8001. With the app, visitors can discover how quick and easy it can be to find a packaging solution for retail deliveries. The app allows users to select an application, share supply chain objectives and choose challenges, netting personalized results. ORBIS experts will be at the booth to help navigate the app and discuss potential solutions.

In addition, experts will be giving insights at three sessions throughout the show:
• Monday, Sept. 25 at 11:00 a.m. — Leveraging Packaging Material Innovations to Support Supply Chain Compliance
o Ryan Roessler, ORBIS product manager
• Monday, Sept. 25 at 3 p.m. — E-commerce panel
• Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 1:45 p.m. — The Latest Trends in Track and Trace for Reusable Packaging
o Bob Petersen, ORBIS vice president of product management

Visit ORBIS at Pack Expo Booth S-8001 to learn how plastic packaging and mobile solutions are valuable for the omnichannel industry.