Mosca 2027 Sustainability Strategy

27th January 2023

Logistics BusinessMosca 2027 Sustainability Strategy

Mosca is making its corporate commitment transparent and offering an overview of future goals with its first in-depth sustainability strategy report. One key focus is on employee involvement and a commitment to minimal packaging. Mosca also supports customers and partners in their sustainability efforts.

The newly published sustainability report for 2021 outlines the company’s progress on its commitment to sustainability. It also includes a comprehensive materiality analysis and a detailed description of resource consumption along with numerous starting points/targets for new and ongoing sustainability projects. The industry’s technology leader also offers an outlook on upcoming changes that go hand in hand with Mosca’s Nonstop responsibility 2027 sustainability strategy.

Simone Mosca, CEO and head of the Mosca Sustainability Committee, explains: “We are deeply aware of our responsibilities as a manufacturing company. The Nonstop responsibility 2027 strategy reflects our approach to leading the way in our industry. This report enables us to spotlight the company’s social and ecological commitment over the years and to outline our goals for further improving sustainability in our corporate development.”

Sustainability report focuses on commitment

To create a sound basis, sustainability officer Ann Mertens and the sustainability committee analysed the current status in detail. “The year 2021 serves as a starting point from which we can present and evaluate our development based on the data,” Mertens explains. Based on this data, the company has already initiated actions aimed at reducing resource consumption. “So far, we launched heat and energy-efficiency projects. These included the conversion to local heating systems and LED lighting at the Waldbrunn site.”

Mertens identified other focal points: “In the coming months, we will be looking at how we view and communicate sustainability in-house and how we promote and support sustainability among our customers and partners.”

Minimise resource consumption and support employees

Mosca is committed to encouraging more staff involvement. The new ‘pitch day’ event format gives employees a chance to present their ideas for enhancing the company’s development in a three-minute time slot. The aim is to stimulate in-house communication. Mosca is also planning to expand its training and education programmes along with its social support. With a wider range of social counselling services, the company wants to focus on the mental health of employees and offer support in difficult situations.

Test centre, CO2 product calculator and digital services support customers

Mosca is also expanding its products and structures in the service sector. “We have a global service network with over 130 technicians. The expansion of our network and development of digital services enable us to minimise travel distances and continue to reliably support our customers in a targeted way,” Ann Mertens says.

Advisory services for customers on securing their loading units are also provided. A CO2 product calculator developed by Mosca will enable customers to estimate and optimise the resource consumption and carbon emissions of a specific packaging solution. Mertens explains: “This is where we can use our expertise to minimise packaging and demonstrate sustainable alternatives. At the same time, it enables us to support sustainability in our industry and beyond.”