Little Green Bag Enhances Sustainable Operations

2nd November 2023

Logistics BusinessLittle Green Bag Enhances Sustainable Operations

The Little Green Bag, a leading Dutch fashion retailer known for its carefully curated selection of niche clothing and accessories, announces a strategic partnership with CMC, a pioneer in innovative packaging solutions. This collaboration marks a significant step towards enhancing operational efficiency while upholding their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Founded in 2008 by Aramis and Maria Gandjapour a dedicated Dutch couple in Vlaardingen, The Little Green Bag has grown from a small bag retailer to a thriving online platform offering a diverse range of products to include jewellry and accessories, now serving a global clientele. From the beginning, the company has focused in providing a personalized experience and delivering quality products that are both stylish and sustainable. Acknowledging the necessity to adapt to the increasing demands of their growing customer base, the company sought innovative solutions to streamline their operations.

The turning point came when The Little Green Bag decided to venture into online retail, using the house as a warehouse. The growth was phenomenal and this surge in demand necessitated a larger warehouse; in 2012, they invested in a 100 m2 facility. Now, they operate in a vast space of 9,000 m2 with a workforce of 150 people, serving customers globally through a multilingual website.

Sustainable Operations

The rapid surge in orders, particularly during peak periods when order volumes reach up to 8,000 per day presented a packaging challenge for The Little Green Bag. The need to handle a substantial volume of single-line orders while minimizing packaging waste was imperative. Enter CMC and their revolutionary packaging solution, CMC Paper-Pro.

CMC Paper-Pro, a fully automated paper bagging system, was a game-changer and proved to be the perfect fit for The Little Green Bag’s evolving needs. By transitioning from traditional boxes to paper-wrapped bags, the company significantly reduced material consumption and shipping volumes, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing their environmental impact. The system’s flexibility allowed for customization, optimizing warehouse space in a high-cost area.

Lawrence van de Meeberg, Director of e-commerce at The Little Green Bag expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, ” CMC’s approach was impressive. They understood our specific needs and supported us in customizing the footprint to minimize waste and make our operations more sustainable. The integration of CMC Paper Pro has allowed us to not only enhance operational efficiency but also make significant strides in reducing our environmental footprint. It aligns perfectly with our vision of offering quality products sustainably and efficiently.”

Ed Savelsbergh, General Manager of CMC Packaging Automation NL, says “The Little Green Bag continues to thrive as a small department store, offering luxury within reach for all, while maintaining meticulous curation and personal involvement in the product selection process. We are proud to support their business with our technology to enhance efficiency and guarantee a great customer experience.”

Both companies are optimistic about the positive impact this partnership will have on the future of The Little Green Bag. By combining their expertise and innovative solutions, they aim to further elevate their offerings and ensure a seamless shopping experience for their global clientele.