Foldable Range Offers Space-Saving Transport Opportunity

31st July 2018

Logistics BusinessFoldable Range Offers Space-Saving Transport Opportunity

Auer Packaging has expanded its range of products by adding foldable and collapsible versions to many of its  most popular lines and refining some of its specialist products. The company says that huge containers with impressive usable volumes are very practical, but once they’re no longer needed they continue to take up space in the warehouse. When containers are  transported back in lorries, the air inside them also takes up a significant amount of cargo capacity. However, cleverly designed space-saving containers can help solve this issue.

Collapsible pallet containers are the space-saving versions of the German company’s big boxes. Foldable boxes serve the same purpose as the Euro containers, whilst the reusable containers constitute a cleverly devised standalone solution. Thanks to their conical shape, they can be stacked inside each other when empty, thus saving space. Specially designed for the automotive industry yet useful for many other sectors, the foldable KLT container is the collapsible version of the classic small load carrier and complies with VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) standards.