End of Packaging Line Solutions

14th December 2023

Logistics BusinessEnd of Packaging Line Solutions

More and more processes at the end of today’s production and packaging lines are digital and networked. But what’s the best way to organize these processes to ensure they run smoothly as possible? Mosca will be showcasing complete strapping and stretch wrapping solutions that can be fully integrated into upstream systems at LogiMAT 2024 (Hall 4, Stand 4D21). The Mosca KZV-111 and Movitec Saturn S6 rotary ring stretch wrapping machine are two solutions designed to secure entire pallets. For strapping individual packages, the Mosca product portfolio includes the SoniXs TR-Connect and SoniXs MP-6 T.

Full or partial packaging line automation offers great potential for increasing efficiency and throughput in high-volume industrial operations with multi-stage production, packaging and securing of palletised products for transport. Efficient integration of all line components is critical. Mosca CEO Timo Mosca explains: “When different machines are setup to work together seamlessly, they need to be compatible with each other as well as with add-on conveyor technology and other equipment. The SoniXs TR-Connect we are presenting at LogiMAT is just one of our high-performance machines that can be easily integrated into complex IoT applications. We will also be demonstrating the SoniXs MP-6 T in combination with a robotic arm from Pinger Robotic to show what such a fully automated packaging system can look like.”

Ready for the Internet of Things and high performance

The SoniXs TR-Connect comes with an all-inclusive digital package. This machine was launched on the market in 2023 as the successor to the SoniXs TR-6 Pro and SoniXs TR-6 Base. Featuring an integrated WebHMI, it can be operated via LAN interface using customer devices or optionally via tablet attached to the machine. Users can view key parameters – including performance, strapping settings and availability – and easily adjust them to their specific requirements. The data generated by the machine can also be used to comprehensively analyse performance and predict maintenance intervals.

The machine’s standard interface makes it possible to seamlessly integrate the units into a fully automated line, where it shines with an output capacity of up to 45 strapped packages per minute. Thanks to automatic Cycle Rate Adjustment (CRA), the machine adapts to the throughput of upstream machines and processes. When it receives info about changing package sizes via sensors or interface signals, it can also automatically change product data presets.

Robotics enable production line integration

The Mosca exhibit at LogiMAT also features a SoniXs MP-6 T machine designed for strapping single boxes and packages. This table version is normally loaded manually with packages wider than a minimum 60 cm. In the application at LogiMAT, the strapping machine requires no human intervention. This cost-effective solution uses a robotic arm from Pinger Robotic to easily load the SoniXs MP-6 T with small packages. Thanks to robotics, the stand-alone machine can be integrated into a fully automated line. The robot is also extremely flexible when it comes to transporting boxes and can load them into the SoniXs MP-6 T lengthways or crossways as required. When extra-secure cross strapping is required, the robot inserts the package, removes it after strapping, turns it around and repositions it in the machine. Johannes Wieder, Mosca Sales Manager Logistics explains: “Thanks to their outstanding versatility and small footprint, solutions like the robotic arm presented at LogiMAT offer an extremely practical alternative to inflexible conveyor technology.”

Power for secure pallets

After products have been bundled and boxes are securely closed, there is one more important step necessary in intra and retail logistics: packing and securing the products on pallets. For this application, Mosca will be showcasing two solutions from its product portfolio at LogiMAT 2024: the Movitec Saturn S6 rotary ring stretch wrapping machine and the KZV-111 pallet strapping machine. The Saturn S6 secures up to 120 loaded pallets per hour and is suitable for high production volume throughput. In the demonstration presented at the trade fair, a load unit enters the top selling machine manufactured by Movitec, a Mosca subsidiary. The unit is then secured by a ring stretch wrapper without having to be moved again. The Saturn S6 is ideal for stacked smaller, single product cardboard boxes that are also weather protected thanks to the stretch wrap.

On the other side of the roller conveyor, the KZV-111 is ready to take orders at LogiMAT. This machine uses SoniXs ultrasonic technology to strap packages in just 12 seconds with maximum efficiency and minimum emissions. The strap lance moves through the pallet base and the sealing unit approaches the load unit from above. The KZV-111 is available in different versions with a strap lance or closed strap frame designed for handling palletised or non-palletised products. This model is ideal for palletised goods that are packed in boxes and do not require additional moisture protection.