CMC Genesys Enables Multi-Line Fulfilment Without Pre-Consolidation

5th May 2020

Logistics BusinessCMC Genesys Enables Multi-Line Fulfilment Without Pre-Consolidation

CMC Srl, the Italian manufacturer of automated packaging solutions, has officially launched its CMC Genesys. The company says it is keeping pace with their innovation promise made in 2013 when it engineered the first 3D packaging concept that creates right sized packaging leading to reducing volumes, materials and shipping costs. Since then, their game-changing creativity has driven the way to a wider portfolio of packaging solutions that look beyond any e-fulfilment boundaries.

At this year CID20 on May 28, the company’s day devoted to innovation, CMC will officially unveil the new CMC Genesys, the only auto-packer that can be directly connected to a warehouse storage through the CMC Patented Vary-Tote system. This innovative concept allows you to feed and pack multi-line orders without the requirement to be strapped or wrapped together. CMC Genesys is the ultimate digital solution for packaging automation. By using lasers to cut and crease the exact box template, CMC Genesys creates a unique box structure that holds items in position removing the need for void fill.

The end customer experience is enhanced through the box’s “easy open” and “resealable strip”, allowing the same box can also be used for returns.

As any other CMC auto packing solutions, the machine dramatically saves labour costs and reduces freight/box volumes and cardboard consumption. Just in time consolidation in the Vary-Tote eliminates completely needless offline operations and allows you to keep pace with the machine speed thus improving productivity. This new fully automated technology eliminates any loading and human operations and improves the customer experience, delivering orders in fit to size, sustainable boxes.

“CMC Genesys is the result of a multiyear study aimed at improving the parcel fulfilment process. One of the major challenges was the ability to pack multi line orders without any offline pre-consolidation process.” said Francesco Ponti, CMC CEO “Not only have we optimised the process, but also improved the ROI with an unprecedented speed for complex, multi-line jobs as high as 900 boxes an hour”. “The word Genesys means beginning, creation and we have chosen this name for a machine that surely redefines 3D Packaging”.

To adapt to the current situation with travel restrictions and stringent physical distancing, CID20 will be a live streaming event this year “The organisation will be different, but the content and communication will be relevant, qualitative and innovative as always. The unveiling of the CMC Genesys will be complimented with other new solutions: the CMC EasyBox and CMC Paper-Pro. A rich program for a fast-changing market” explained Tania Torcolacci, CMC Marketing Manager.

The new CMC Genesys will be soon operational at one of the largest retailers in the USA and will be exhibited at Deliver in Amsterdam in October.