Fulfillment Experience Insights Dashboard

15th January 2024

Logistics BusinessFulfillment Experience Insights Dashboard

Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH), a global leader in supply chain commerce, today launched the ‘Fulfillment Experience Insights’ dashboard to give retailers a real-time assessment of how their omnichannel fulfilment performance stacks up against the industry. Fulfillment Experience Insights provides continuous benchmarking of fulfillment performance, proactively informing retailers how they compare against a large pool of peers and competitors. This realtime ‘actuals versus actuals’ comparison avoids the inherent latency of most benchmarking tools.

Included in Manhattan Active® Omni, this new capability gives retailers a single view of digital order fulfillment KPIs like store pickup conversion, shorts and abandonment, time to fulfill and more. Retailers can evaluate, measure and adjust their supply chain execution strategies using aggregated and anonymized data from the Manhattan Active cloud ecosystem. This unique analytical tool, which includes the ability to quickly pivot between various timeframes, provides detailed insight into the experience a retailer is delivering for their customers.

“Introducing cutting-edge innovation like the Fulfillment Experience Insights Dashboard is one of the reasons Manhattan continues to be ranked the only leader in omnichannel order management,” said Amy Tennent, senior director of Product Management at Manhattan. “For the first time ever, retail operations teams can see exactly how they are performing against the rest of the industry. This is a complete game changer, because they now have a starting point to begin creating more efficiency and improving fulfillment performance for their customers.”

Manhattan is uniquely capable of developing this solution because hundreds of the world’s top brands use its fulfillment execution tools to process millions of orders every week. Drawing upon this extensive knowledge and experience, the company has skillfully identified the key performance indicators crucial to fostering growth and maximizing revenue.

Last year, Manhattan launched the first-of-its-kind Unified Commerce Benchmark which measured 286 customer experience capabilities across four segments. Of these four primary segments, ‘Promising & Fulfillment’ returned the lowest scores by a significant margin. Manhattan’s new dashboard gives retailers their real-time performance in this critical area, helping them become Unified Commerce leaders.