Delta presents comprehensive packaging automation

24th May 2022

Logistics BusinessDelta presents comprehensive packaging automation

Delta, a world-class provider of industrial automation solutions, will be presenting a full range of automation products for the packaging industry at this year’s Hispack in Barcelona. Echoing the need for the packing industry, Delta presents the new AX-308E CODESYS-based motion controller, the ASDA-B3 series servo system, 6-axis articulated robots and SCARA robots, to highlight its comprehensive portfolio of automation products from devices, software, to monitoring solutions.

“For packaging manufacturers, fully automated control production has become the motivation and developing trend in the continuous growth of the packaging industry,” said Ernesto Miguel Reyes, Sales Head Iberia for Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group. “We provide a total solution that offers the precise positioning, high-speed monitoring, and system stability that is required for the improvement in productivity in the packaging industry.”

SCARA Robot and Articulated 6-axis Robot

Delta’s industrial robots combine with peripheral devices to build quick, flexible, and highly precise automated production lines. The DRS series SCARA robots (pictured) offer high accuracy, linearity, and verticality with sensor-less compliance control, multiple teaching methods, and intuitive guidance. Many of the capabilities of the DRS series such as loading and unloading, pick-and-place, and packaging will be relevant to Hispack attendees.

Automatic process path planning for conveyor tracking processes, for instance, enables glue dispensing, deburring, and coating. Both standalone and workstation applications are possible to enable flexible modularised production lines.

Delta’s articulated robot DRV series has two different working ranges to fulfil a wide range of requirements and feature a hollow wrist design for enhanced cable reliability. Handling loads of up to 7kg, Delta DRV robot arms can be mounted to a ceiling, tabletop, or wall. Their compact design facilitates easy installation and rapid commissioning on the production line. DRA Studio (Delta Robot Automation Studio) robotic integration software makes project management convenient while providing instant feedback remote management and an intuitive coding environment.

AX series Motion Controllers

The AX motion controllers includes models suited for both motion and logic control applications and provide multiple communication ports. The multi-axis AX-308E can control up to eight EtherCAT servo drives, and supports a broad range of industrial communication protocols including EtherCAT. AX-3 series Motion CPUs can control a diverse range of automated equipment used in woodworking, printing, labelling, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and of course packaging. The AX-8 series motion controllers also use the CODESYS platform for easy programming of complex motion control routines.

ASDA-B3 series Servo System

The ASDA-B3 series servo systems offer user-friendly operation with precise motion control, safe torque off (STO), and responsiveness of up to 3.1kHz. It also features a 24-bit encoder to achieve positioning precision with a resolution of 46,603 pulses in a single degree. The ASDASoft GUI reduces commissioning time and makes troubleshooting faster. ASDA-B3 series servo drives are compatible ASDA-A2 series and ASDA-A3 series motors in addition to the latest-generation ECM-B3 series motors. The latter offer improved power density, stability, and stiffness while reducing and increasing torque and maximum speed in a footprint that takes up 40% less space.

Delta welcomes visitors seeking for a total packaging solutions with state-of-the art automation to visit booth D237 in Gran Via Venue, Barcelona, from 24 to 27 May.