Yale Pedestrian Pallet Truck introduced for low intensity applications

30th March 2022

Logistics BusinessYale Pedestrian Pallet Truck introduced for low intensity applications

Yale Europe Materials Handling continues to bring innovative solutions to the materials handling market as it launches the Yale MP16UX Pedestrian Pallet Truck.

For customers with intermittent or low intensity logistics operations who want the benefits of a very efficient truck at an affordable price, the Yale MP16UX offers the ideal solution in a slimline package.

“Ideal for retail stores and last-mile delivery, the Yale MP16UX meets the need and makes the move,” explained Eva Nachtergaele, Solutions Manager EMEA at Yale. “For back-of-store operations requiring intermittent use of materials handling products, our latest pedestrian pallet truck offers a reliable truck combined with low energy consumption, making it an incredibly attractive offering.”

The pedestrian pallet truck is designed to be slimline, lightweight, and easily manoeuvrable, all while offering stability when handling goods.

Low energy consumption

To reduce operator fatigue during a shift, the Yale MP16UX features a longer tiller arm with easily accessible butterfly controls, requiring less effort for the user to move loads.

The battery offers up to 12 hours shift life, accommodating store opening times. The fork options mean it will be able to handle common pallet sizes used in EMEA, lifting them up to 120mm. Spring-loaded castors improve lateral stability as the truck manoeuvres from A to B, and its soft lowering ensures loads are handled with care from start to finish.

“The competitive energy consumption and long shift life of the Yale MP16UX is a key selling point of our latest pedestrian pallet truck,” said Nachtergaele. “Customers can be sure that this product is ready to work efficiently and effectively whenever it is required. It is compact and efficient – but importantly, at an affordable price with low cost of ownership.

“Our research suggests over 50% of the market is looking for a truck with this offering, and the Yale MP16UX is ready and waiting to deliver.”