Webinar: Intelligent automation with smart robots

21st May 2021

Logistics BusinessWebinar: Intelligent automation with smart robots

Geek+ is presenting a webinar entitled How to deliver intelligent automation in supply chain & logistics, showing how companies can benefit from autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and how smart logistics solutions are helping a wide range of businesses build supply chain resilience and gain competitiveness.

Today, businesses everywhere face a wide range of challenges caused by the rise of e-commerce and widespread labour shortages. As CoVID-19 and following safety measures have intensified the need for online shopping, warehouse professionals have started to consider the benefits of robotics-driven automation for more efficient supply chain operations. AMRs are flexible, cost-effective, and scalable – a must to respond quickly to changes in demand and increase business resilience.

Robotics is a fast-growing industry – and so are the trends and opportunities for how robots can be applied. Powered by algorithms and intelligent software, robotics-enabled logistics solutions, such as Goods-to-Person and Bin-to-Person solutions, continue to evolve.

The are many benefits provided by AMRs. First and foremost, they support the existing workforce, making labour more productive by taking over time-consuming tasks such as finding and moving around the warehouse. Once an incoming good has been registered, a robot will choose the quickest route to find and move the item to an employee positioned at a workstation.

They also offer opportunities for optimizing warehouse layout. Due to the robots’ size and robot-compatible racking, more racks can be installed for more storage capacity. By optimising labour and real-estate utilisation, robotics-powered warehouses can lead to a three-fold increase in labour productivity and improved inventory capacity by 40%.

Want to know how your company can benefit from AMRs and how smart logistics solutions are helping a wide range of businesses build supply chain resilience and gain competitiveness? Sign up for Geek+’s webinar “How to deliver intelligent automation in supply chain & logistics”, hosted by Geek+’s Simon Houghton, Head of Sales & Marketing for UK & Ireland, and James Mottershead, Solution Specialist – Voice & AMR, Körber Supply Chain. The free, 1-hour long webinar will be on 27th May, 11:00BST/12:00 CEST. Places are limited. Sign up here for the webinar.

About the hosts

Simon Houghton has been part of the distribution, logistics, and supply chain sectors for over 30 years, having worked for large systems integrators, warehouse storage companies and managing a national distribution centre for over 10 years. He leverages his supply chain experience to help customers solve their pain points with robotics solutions which he sees as changing how we view automation in the warehouse environment in the next decade.

James Mottershead has 20 years’ experience within the logistics industry such as a Purchasing and Warehouse Manager. At Körber, he works in partnership with the Development, Implementation, and Sales teams. In his role, he reviews and understands complex logistics operations to find solutions to operational and IT problems, ensuring that “best practice” processes are always adhered to.