WATCH NOW: Overcoming peak challenges in Sketchers’ Chinese DC

22nd November 2022

Logistics BusinessWATCH NOW: Overcoming peak challenges in Sketchers’ Chinese DC

Logistics Business has been granted exclusive access to Sketchers’ fulfilment centre 100km outside of Shanghai, where Libiao Robotics has deployed a comprehensive automated solution to enable the FMCG retailer overcome a considerable spike in orders around the annual Singles Day online shopping frenzy.

Eric Chow, Senior MHE Manager at Sketchers’ Shu-Jo eCommerce fulfilment centre talks with Logistics Business editor Peter MacLeod about the challenges and solutions of scaling up, whilst Ronan Shen, overseas sales director of Libiao Robotics takes us for an entertaining and informative walk through the DC, highlighting some of the automation his company has brought to the facility.

Furthermore, Shen describes his company’s ambitions to service global markets, in particular Europe.

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