Wachendorff launches new variant of rotary encoder

8th February 2022

Logistics BusinessWachendorff launches new variant of rotary encoder

Wachendorff Automation, the encoder and measurement systems manufacturer, has launched a new variant of its well-proven industrial grade rotary encoders that feature a freely definable pulse count.

The new WDGP series, available in the UK from Variohm EuroSensor, offers any number of output pulses from 1 to 16,384 PPR as TTL or HTL quadrature A and B channels, plus a freely configurable zero pulse (N). Utilising IP67 protection class stainless-steel housings in a choice of 36mm and 58mm diameters with industry-standard mounting options, these high accuracy incremental encoders are based on a patented magnetic sensor technology that offers durability and extremely high resistance to shock, vibration and undesirable shaft loading.

With its freely definable pulse count, Wachendorff’s new WDGP series encoder offers users a convenient alternative against standard output options that may lead to more complex control electronics or software calculation. Application flexibility is also aided with an input power requirement from 4.75-32V DC, which is reverse polarity and short circuit protected. The maximum pulse frequency is 600kHz for the HTL version whilst the TTL option offers 1MHz. The HTL variant also offers inverted output signals.

The 36mm diameter model is available with a choice of servo flange, round flange, and screw flange mountings – a special servo flange version includes IP67 + IP69K protection rating for use in high pressure washdown/steam cleaning applications. A version with an elevated radial and axial shaft loading to 300N is also offered. The 58mm diameter model is currently available with servo flange or clamping flange options. Both sizes offer a choice of shaft diameters; a custom design service can be made available for OEM applications.

The new WDGP encoder is based on the same robust and durable mechanical design used across Wachendorff’s wide range of rotary encoders. Generous axial and radial shaft loading and a wide operating temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C combine for durability, high reliability, and long life for the most extreme rotary position feedback tasks in heavy engineering, off road vehicles, agricultural machinery and more.

Variohm EuroSensor is a longstanding UK distribution partner for Wachendorff, providing complete sales and service across the German manufacturer’s comprehensive range of rotary encoders, position measurement and counting systems.