New Cold Store High Rack Stacker from Jungheinrich

29th January 2019

Logistics BusinessNew Cold Store High Rack Stacker from Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich UK has extended the award-winning EKX range of very narrow aisle trucks into cold storage operations, with the launch of its new Cold Store High Rack Stacker.

Benefitting from years of experience at the forefront of Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) as the market leader, the EKX Cold Store High Rack Stacker from Jungheinrich delivers exceptional throughput performance and maximum efficiency at temperatures between -2°C and -28°C.

Energy consumption is lowest in its class. The EKX Cold Store High Rack Stacker incorporates a new enlarged 86.8 kW battery capacity, as well as synchronous motor technology, requiring no energy to activate the rotor. The result is a reduction in heat build-up and up to 15 per cent improved efficiency compared to a standard asynchronous motor. Combined with the latest energy recovery innovation, the Stacker can be used for two shifts under normal operation with a single battery charge; a range of battery charging options are also available to suit the unique requirements of each individual cold storage application.

Performance is further enhanced with lift speeds of up to 0.6 m/s and drive speeds of up to 0.5 m/s, along with its intelligent high tensile steel construction that is completely robust in the cold, while boosting load capacity by 100 kg to 1300 kg. The main components are constructed from low-temperature steel, hydraulic oil is low-viscosity with anti-stick-slip additive, and the cabin features a two-fold polycarbonate screen window.

Inside, the workstation is fully isolated and heated with a double-stage heater. Complete with dust-filtered fresh air supply and partial front screen window heating, the Stacker optimises safe and comfortable operation for extended time in the harsh cold store environment.

Steve Richmond, Director – Logistics Systems, Jungheinrich UK, comments: “The Jungheinrich EKX range has been the industry benchmark of VNA trucks for many years and we’re delighted to extend its advantages and benefits to the cold store. It’s one of the most demanding material handling applications there is, and so the Jungheinrich EKX Cold Store High Rack Stacker has been meticulously designed to ensure complete safety and comfort for operators, while applying EKX performance and efficiency that’s second to none.”