Exporta Launches New Range of Recycled Eurocrates

4th September 2020

Logistics BusinessExporta Launches New Range of Recycled Eurocrates

Storage and packaging expert Exporta has expanded its range offering on Eurocrates with three new sizes. As well as the addition of a new range of five Eurocrates made entirely from recycled material, making them the most eco-friendly euro crates available in the UK.

Exporta says it identified a gap in the market and worked with their suppliers to create a range that ticks every box. Recycled material is significantly cheaper than virgin plastic, it adds, making this range more affordable than standard Eurocrates made from virgin material. They are also available in black, making them easily recognisable in different situations and when in transition within the supply chain.

The three new sizes in the virgin range present a greater choice for Exporta’s customers. Virgin plastic has the advantage of being food safe; food can be placed directly onto the crate surface without issues of plastic contamination.

Whereas, the recycled crates are ideal for non-food usage – or when food comes already stored in its retail packaging. Another feature of the recycled crates is that they come with open handles, making them easier to lift and carry.

All crates, plastic pallets, boxes and containers supplied by Exporta are 100% recyclable, ensuring that Exporta lives up to its ISO14001 Environmental accreditation.

Don Marshall, Head of Marketing & eCommerce said: “We like to listen to our customers and support their needs and also look for innovative products to fill in any gaps in the market and fix our clients issues and pain points. Expanding the sizes in our Eurocrate range, as well as adding in a range of recycled crates achieves both these goals. It affirms our place as the No1 supplier in the UK if you need to Move It, Store It or Secure It.”