BITO enjoys “most successful” year

12th July 2022

Logistics BusinessBITO enjoys “most successful” year

Achieving a turnover of €303m, 2021 was strongest year in BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH’s history, and a year when BITO received a climate-neutral certificate.

BITO storage and logistics solutions are in high demand. The past two years have presented enormous challenges for many companies, especially in the field of logistics. Border closures and supply chain disruptions as a result of the pandemic have demonstrated the fragility of supply networks from one moment to the next. Delivery delays have resulted in production stops or disruptions in trade chains.

“We have noticed that the circumstances have led to a change of mind in many companies. After the market had recovered from the initial shock, both internationally and nationally, the trend was clearly towards more stockpiling in order to cope with times like those caused by the pandemic. Companies were expanding their storage capacities, and many new logistics centres have been established,” says Winfried Schmuck, Chief Executive Officer at BITO-Lagertechnik.

In addition, some sectors, such as the online retail business, which has been booming for years anyway, continue to see enormous growth. This is a challenge that the companies concerned have to cope with, especially in their logistics. As a result, the demand for BITO storage and logistics solutions has also increased significantly. After a difficult year in 2020, 2021 became the strongest year in the BITO history with a turnover of €303m.

“We had the highest order intake since the company was founded, with full capacity utilisation in all areas,” says Schmuck. “Tonnages were moved through the production halls that would have been unimaginable a few years ago. A great success that we were only able to achieve together in a well-functioning team.”

BITO awarded climate-neutral certificate

There has been a positive development in implementing even more sustainable practices. In 2021, BITO-Lagertechnik was certified as a climate-neutral company.

Schmuck says: “Sustainability has always been a priority for us. We are proud of our quality products, which are designed to last. To name just a few aspects: BITO multi-trip bins and containers help to avoid tons of packaging waste. When selecting our raw materials and auxiliaries, we always opt for materials that are not harmful to health and that allow environmentally friendly processing.

“Our production process is based on a commitment to sustainability and a resource-saving, energy-efficient approach in order to minimise the impact on our environment while saving raw materials. We have been operating a plastic bin recycling process in our own facility for many years. Acting with economic, environmental and social responsibility should not be viewed as an obligation. We see sustainability as a great opportunity for all of us.”