Safety first for warehouse automation

26th January 2022

Logistics BusinessSafety first for warehouse automation

Safe automation expert Pilz has recently been applying its wealth of experience to intralogistics applications taking a holistic approach with its portfolio of safety services, training and safe automation solutions.

With increased levels of automation, it is more important than ever to ensure that human and machine operate smoothly and safely within the warehouse environment. In key areas such as automated loading systems, Pilz consultants can work to achieve safety compliance without compromising productivity.

Getting on board as early as the design phase, when the system concept is developed, they provide support for new projects or retrofits right through to commissioning and sign-off.

State-of-the-art product solutions are also available incorporating control and sensor technology through to operating, monitoring and connectivity. These include:

  • Access management solutions – ensuring tasks such as maintenance can only be carried out by authorised and trained personnel
  • Industrial security – preventing manipulation of systems by external sources
  • Danger zone protection – bringing operations to a safe stop or safe speed if the zone is encroached by personnel
  • Safe operation of AGV or AMR systems – enabling safe stopping or navigation and interaction within shared work spaces