Rockwell to showcase virtual warehouse at MODEX

2nd March 2022

Logistics BusinessRockwell to showcase virtual warehouse at MODEX

Rockwell Automation, Inc., the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, is doubling down on its commitment to the warehouse and fulfilment industry by exhibiting for the first time at MODEX 2022, in Atlanta, on March 28th-31st. The company will demonstrate its proven solutions designed to help customers’ operations be more intelligent, connected, and productive.

“Emulate3D is excited to be exhibiting together with its parent company, Rockwell Automation, for the first time at MODEX, to demonstrate Rockwell’s game-changing automation and digital twin supply chain solutions in-person,” said Linda Freeman, manager, regional industry, Rockwell Automation. “We look forward to joining nearly 20 of our OEM, system integrator, and technology partners in Atlanta to showcase Rockwell’s technologies in booths throughout the show floor and provide attendees with an unforgettable, interactive experience.”

MODEX attendees can stop by Rockwell’s booth (B6611) to experience the newest and most innovative technology in the industry. Some of the technologies that will be on display that attendees can interact with and experience first-hand include:

Emulate3D Simulation Station: See how MODEX veteran, Emulate3D, Rockwell’s digital design software, can reduce time to market, improve start up reliability and enable scenario planning. The ease of use is clear as 3D warehouse drawings are modified in real time in the booth.

MagneMover LITE Intelligent Conveyor Demo: A smart, frictionless transport system designed to move loads quickly and efficiently. See it deliver flexible routing and high-speed sorting in a small, low-maintenance footprint. Includes an AR workforce demo.

Armor PowerFlex Drives (pictured): The next generation of space-saving motor control will debut at MODEX. This modular solution features built in safety, is ideal for a wide range of environments and size requirements, and provides real-time data to the enterprise.

Interactive Virtual Warehouse: Attendees can dive into this interactive experience and explore videos and demos of the latest warehouse and logistics solutions like independent cart technology, digital facility design, unified robotic control, and more.

In addition to its own booth, the latest Rockwell solutions will be on display across MODEX in nearly 20 of its PartnerNetwork member booths. For example, Rockwell’s Technology Partner, Comau is showcasing an independent cart technology, Rockwell-controlled robot demo in its booth (B9632). Additionally, FlexLink Systems, Inc., a gold level OEM partner, will feature a full pharma sort system simulation based on Rockwell’s MagneMover LITE in its booth (B1007).

“I’m excited about the possibilities that a major, well-known, well-established company like Rockwell can bring to this space,” commented Tandreia Bellamy, founder of TB Supply Chain Consulting and former global logistics executive. “From building a digital twin to do real, what-if scenarios, to independent cart technology that truly pulls products through a warehouse, they’re really looking at it from end-to-end.”

Rockwell says those who experience its game-changing solutions first-hand at MODEX will learn how their warehouse and logistics operations can become more connected and efficient.