Geek+ Recognised by Fast Company as Robotics Innovator

11th March 2021

Logistics BusinessGeek+ Recognised by Fast Company as Robotics Innovator

Geek+, a global AMR leader has been named one of Fast Company’s most innovative companies in the robotics category for 2021.

The list honors the businesses that have found a way to be resilient in the past year, turning challenges into impact-making processes. These companies did more than survive, they thrived, impacting their industries and culture as a whole.

Yong Zheng, founder and CEO of Geek+, says: “We’re honored to be recognized by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies in the world. It is a celebration of the creative, solutions-oriented, and customer-focused approach that permeates the company as a whole and especially our R&D team. By combining industry understanding with business knowledge and technological prowess, we’ve developed a wide range of robotics hardware and intelligent software applications tailored to address industry-specific logistics challenges in warehousing and manufacturing. In turn, we want to bring agility to the supply chain, and through continuous optimization and AI, help mitigate uncertainty and support businesses to flexibly grow.”

In February last year, the resilience and flexibility of Geek+ robotics solutions were confirmed when as they allowed Decathlon in China to secure business continuity under lockdown despite widespread labor shortages. By letting autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) find and transfer racks of goods from the storage area to workstations, Decathlon was able to ensure social distancing, securing the health and safety of its warehouse employees. Additionally, due to the robots being portable, easy to implement, and reprogram, it allowed Decathlon to relocate robots from retail to e-commerce warehouses to meet the swift shift in demand from offline to online sales.

Challenging scenarios also turned into innovations. In 2020, Geek+ launched four new robotics products to tackle the most urgent challenges facing society. These included everything from smart disinfection robots to intelligent sorting and binpicking robots. By combining the latest AMR and disinfection technology, such as SLAM navigation and UVC light, smart disinfection robots provide automated, safe, and seamless disinfection to help safeguard public health. Moreover, Geek+ C200M Double Deep Bin-to-Person robot was released, a flexible logistics solution that optimizes the bin-picking process and maximizes the use of warehouse space.

Lastly, the double-belted S100C robot was introduced for intelligent sorting of largesize parcels to ensure safe, efficient, and accurate handling of heavy materials in times of high throughput demand. Dedicated to creating intelligent robotics solutions that bring real value to customers and transform the global supply chain, Geek+ has in 2020 announced partnerships with both industry and technology leaders. By partnering up with Borsch Rexroth, Intel, Körber, and Conveyco, Geek+ has continued to accelerate technological exchange, drive innovation, and strengthen its role as an ecosystem enabler at the forefront of the smart logistics revolution.