Reach truck training goes online

16th March 2022

Logistics BusinessReach truck training goes online

RTITB’s innovative eTruck UK online eLearning program can now be used to train reach truck operators, as well as counterbalance lift truck operators, in less time.

The eLearning solution is designed for novice theory training. It enables businesses to save up to two days per operator, per course, freeing-up Instructors to deliver more practical training. This helps to get more trained operators quickly and safely into warehouses and address current skills shortages.

“When we launched eTruck UK for novice forklift operator training at IMHX in 2019, there was no way of knowing that the demand for eLearning would quickly grow due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Laura Nelson, Managing Director for RTITB, the leading accrediting body for workplace transport training. “However, our goal remained the same. We want to digitalise parts of operator training to save businesses time and money without compromising safety or standards.

“Many organisations have added eLearning into their ongoing operator training already. Now, they can train reach truck operators with eTruck, as well as those using counterbalance lift trucks.”

eTruck is an award-winning digital storytelling platform, developed by MA-System in Sweden. It is only available in the UK and Ireland from RTITB. It enables novice reach truck and lift truck operator theory training to be delivered completely online.

eTruck also introduces several key concepts relating to practical skills and knowledge. For example, pre-use inspections, load types, racking, and more. By focusing on readiness for practical training as well as delivering theoretical knowledge, this eLearning can reduce a novice course for three people by two days.

Novice reach truck or lift truck operator training candidates can use the unique solution to learn at their own pace online, at any time. This enables training to be completed outside of working hours or in designated learning time at work. Instructors’ time is also freed up, making them available to deliver more practical training and get skilled operators into the workplace more quickly.

“Finding time for operator training has always been hard, but it is especially difficult now where supply chain staff are scarce, and budgets are tight. eTruck helps solve this,” explains Nelson. “On top of significant benefits to the business, from standardising training through to lowering costs, eTruck is a real gamechanger for training candidates too.”

With eTruck, candidates learn by following a story that tackles genuine issues relating to safety in a more interesting and engaging way. The system allows candidates to learn at their own pace. More complex themes, such as the effects of an operator’s actions and decisions, can be communicated effectively via the story and virtual tutors. Research has shown that facts delivered via a story are 20 times more likely to be remembered and that this approach to training caters to a wider range of learning styles.

eTruck is available with lifetime licenses both for those delivering in-house training and for training providers. Reach truck and lift truck operator theory courses using eTruck can be booked via RTITB Accredited Training Providers.

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