Oil-Free Goods Lift Suits Cold Storage Area

25th April 2018

Logistics BusinessOil-Free Goods Lift Suits Cold Storage Area

Lödige Industries has recently completed the installation of a goods lift for a logistic service provider which is building a new healthcare distribution centre in Nijmegen, Netherlands. The customer is headquartered in Wijchen and has been working closely with the Lödige team in Benelux for many years, resulting in the installation of six goods lifts in distribution centres in Helmond, Eindhoven and Waalwijk. In addition, Lödige provides maintenance services in Amsterdam, Veghel and Tilburg.

For the new distribution centre the customer needed a goods lift to be installed within the cold storage area of the distribution centre. Therefore a lift was needed, which would require no hydraulic oil. Lödige’s Sherpa goods lift with chain lifter turned out to be a perfect solution. The lift is mechanically driven by a chain and achieves maximum performance without using oil or any other additional resources to work. Therefore a cold environment presents no difficulty for the Sherpa. The installed lift has two stops. With a lifting capacity of 1.500 kg and speed of 0,2 m/s, it will enable improving processes.

Arthur van Brink, Managing Director of Lödige in Benelux commented: “We are delighted, that our customers return to us with requests for the installation of new products or maintenance. It is an confirmation of the quality of our product and service and at the same time it provides the motivation to us as a team to continue to provide the best solutions to our customers’ requirements.”