Joloda Hydraroll Acquires Actiw Loading Solutions

5th January 2024

Logistics BusinessJoloda Hydraroll Acquires Actiw Loading Solutions

Joloda Hydraroll Ltd, global loading and unloading solutions specialist, has today announced its acquisition of Actiw Oy. Based in Finland, Actiw is a leading provider of automated loading solutions for the unmodified trailer market.

The acquisition is an important milestone in Jolodas Hydraroll’s growth strategy to increase global market presence by expanding its suite of loading and unloading solutions. The Actiw product portfolio complements that of Joloda Hydraroll’s, enabling the company to address unique requirements and maximise return on investment for more businesses around the world.

Automated loading and unloading solutions add considerable benefits to logistics operations, from reducing accidents and product damage to optimising loading and unloading times, warehouse space, and costs, all while making processes more sustainable and safer.

However, within specific sectors and markets, such as the FMCG sector in Europe and America, trailers can travel exceptionally long distances between factory and warehouse facilities without unloading. Additionally, in this scenario, it might not be possible to ensure a dock at both ends of the journey that is compatible with a trailer modified for automated loading and unloading.

By combining expertise, Joloda Hydraroll can now support these businesses with a range of unmodified trailer loading solutions that remove the need for dedicated trailer fleets. These include:
• The LoadPlate® – a semi-automated loading solution for containers and regular, non-modified trucks to transport metal, timber, and complex cargo.

• The LoadMatic® – a fully-automated loading solution for regular, non-modified trucks and containers to transport either palletised or palletless industrial goods.

In addition, the pooled resources and talent of both companies present opportunities to bring more operations in-house, which will result in increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness for customers.
Michele Dematteis, CEO at Joloda Hydraroll, said: “We are delighted to welcome Actiw to Joloda Hydraroll. This strategic move aligns perfectly with our growth objectives and commitment to helping more customers worldwide solve their specific loading and unloading challenges.

“With a broader offering of loading solutions – from the Joloda Hydraroll Skate & Track System that started it all in 1962, to fully fledged automated solutions, and everything in between – this acquisition stands to benefit prospects, clients, and stakeholders of both businesses. Together, we strengthen our position as a one-stop-shop partner who can design, manufacture, install, and maintain specialist loading systems that integrate seamlessly with our customers’ operations and provide significant, long-term benefits.”

Tomi Korhonen, CEO at Actiw, added: “Much like Joloda Hydraroll, our mission is to help customers solve their loading challenges and emerge as the frontrunners in their respective industries. Together, our solutions will extend support to a broader range of businesses, while our collective expertise will drive our future innovations even further. We look forward to an interesting and exciting future ahead.”

Throughout the transition, Joloda Hydraroll is committed to ensuring a smooth unification of the two businesses and uninterrupted service for all customers, partners, and stakeholders.