Lifting accessories company expands its range

11th June 2021

Logistics BusinessLifting accessories company expands its range

LIFTEUROP, a Luxembourger manufacturer of lifting accessories, has expanded its product range thanks to a partnership with Belgian company Power Limit.

“We are a SME from Liège, active for more than 36 years in the design and development of products for the load limitation, lifting and weighing sector,” says Fernand Humblet, founder and director of Power Limit.

“We are constantly adapting to market developments by offering not only standard solutions, but also customised products to meet specific needs. The entire manufacturing process is carried out in our premises with an exclusively local workforce. We do not subcontract any work, which allows us to be very reactive to customer requests,” adds Humblet.

In addition to the products listed in its General Catalogue, LIFTEUROP can now provide its customers with tensile force measuring shackles, dynamometers and tensiometers to measure the forces in wire ropes and lashing straps.

These devices provide operators with accurate and reliable numerical data for safe lifting.

Concerning the partnership with LIFTEUROP, Humblet says: “We have a common desire for customer satisfaction. The collaboration with LIFTEUROP is a collaboration of confidence, which allows us to answer the needs quickly and professionally. Our products are already represented worldwide on the tensiometry market. Today, we need a representative who ensures a worldwide presence of our new range of dynamometers thanks to its communication tools and its team of experts. This collaboration with LIFTEUROP will be for us a springboard to be also recognized on the dynamometry market.”

The technical expertise and the professionalism of the LIFTEUROP team are also highly appreciated by Power Limit. “LIFTEUROP has a team of technical and commercial experts who are reactive and have put in place the necessary communication and information tools to quickly inform the customer. We specialise in designing force management solutions and consider LIFTEUROP to be a dynamic company that represents our product line well. LIFTEUROP is able to provide professional technical advice to customers in an increasingly competitive market,” concludes Humblet.

Founded in 2010 and located in Wiltz, LIFTEUROP produces and distributes high quality lifting equipment and accessories of the STAS brand, flagship of the French lifting industry guaranteeing the safety of goods and people since 1953. Certified ISO 9001, 14001, ISO 27001 and RSE, LIFTEUROP is integrated in the lifting division of ALIPA Group, a Luxembourg specialist in industrial packaging and lifting, which counts about 150 employees.