Konecranes reaches delivery milestone  

19th November 2021

Logistics BusinessKonecranes reaches delivery milestone  

In November 2021, The Absolut Company accepted the delivery of a Flow Drive Konecranes reach stacker for its operations in the south of Sweden. This particular machine is a milestone in Konecranes history, as it is the 10,000th lift truck to roll off the production line.

Since its creation in 1879, Absolut Vodka has become one of the world’s most iconic liquor brands with export to more than 120 markets. Today, the company has 300 employees at its production facility in Åhus, a town in the southern Swedish province of Skåne. Here it needs to move equipment, raw materials and finished product around the site every day. The most efficient, safe and flexible transportation method in the work area is lift trucks. Now the time is right to invest in another reach stacker, and they have chosen Konecranes again.

“It was not difficult to decide on our next reach stacker,” says Harri Tossavainen, Warehouse Manager for Absolut. “Konecranes provides locally produced equipment of the highest quality, and they have helped us to maintain our productivity under tight schedules for over two decades. This high standard continues as the new eco-friendly Flow Drive aligns well with our long-term commitment to environment and sustainability, and will play a key part in our journey to make our products climate-neutral by 2030.”

“In 1995, Absolut bought the first commercial reach stacker Konecranes ever produced and in 2004, they took delivery of our first ever produced second generation reach stacker,” says Roger Persson, Technical Product Manager for Konecranes Lift Trucks. “Now, we celebrate the delivery of our 10,000th lift truck to the very same company. Local agent N.C. Nielsen has been a significant part of this relationship, and has provided excellent support whenever needed. We’re honoured to have both Absolut and N.C. Nielsen share in this historic occasion.”

The 10,000th lift truck is a Konecranes SMV 4632 TC5 reach stacker, a sturdy 46-tonne machine able to stack up to five containers high. It features the OPTIMA cabin for comfort and visibility, and a range of safety features to maximise load stability and safe handling. The truck is fitted with Flow Drive, a Konecranes innovation that uses hydromechanical variable transmission (HVT) to limit power at low speed, reducing wear and carbon emissions while cutting fuel consumption by up to 25%.

With longer intervals between refuelling and less maintenance, Konecranes says it can significantly increase productivity. Absolut will run this lift truck on HVO100, a completely renewable and fossil-free chemical copy of regular diesel, based on vegetable oil, which can reduce carbon emissions by up to 90%. It is also equipped with Start/Stop function to reduce the amount of time the engine spends idling.

Smart systems integrate with Work Zone, a geofencing feature for safety and efficiency, and TRUCONNECT Premium, which adds tire pressure and shock sensors to a remote and almost real-time view of truck usage, for easier operations and maintenance planning.

Roger Henriksson, an operations tester at Konecranes Lift Trucks, assembled the first reach stacker Konecranes sold to Absolut back in the 1990s. Still with Konecranes, he tested the 10,000th machine and handed it over to Absolut as part of a small ceremony and site tour at the Konecranes Markaryd factory on 18th November 2021. To celebrate the delivery, the reach stacker has been painted in Absolut style.

“This is a proud moment for Konecranes Lift Trucks. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, partners, distributors and all the colleagues who have helped us achieve this number,” says Andreas Falk, Senior Vice President BU Lift Trucks.

This contract is part of Ecolifting, Konecranes’ vision to increase its handprint – meaning the beneficial environmental impact that can be achieved with its product and service portfolio – while reducing customers’ carbon footprints. From eco-optimising diesel drives, to hybridisation and fully-electrified fleets, Konecranes says it will continue to do more with less.