Interroll introduces new vertical crossbelt sorter

28th June 2021

Logistics BusinessInterroll introduces new vertical crossbelt sorter

Interroll has launched a new vertical crossbelt sorter which saves space, is energy-efficient and is easy to maintain. With the new MX 018V Vertical Crossbelt Sorter, Interroll says it makes it easier for system integrators and their end customers to enter the world of automatic crossbelt sortation solutions.

Above all, courier and parcel service providers, e-commerce providers and logistics service providers gain the ability to handle a high variety of goods in a space-saving, gentle and energy-efficient manner via a single technical infrastructure with a high number of end points. At the same time, users benefit from the performance and economic advantages offered by Interroll’s proven, mechanically driven crossbelt sorter platform.

For the new MX 018V Vertical Crossbelt Sorter, which replaces the previous ST 6130 Vertical Crossbelt Sorter, the conveying speed of unit loads has been increased to up to 1.8 m/s compared to 1.6 m/s. In addition, the maximum extension length has been increased from 80m to 180m. With the new sorter, high throughput rates of up to 14,000 unit loads per hour can be achieved and goods weighing up to 35kg can be transported. In the process, the sorter handles a wide variety of different sorted goods—from cartons, parcels, maxi letters, and mailing bags to polybags and more. The use of energy-efficient geared motors enables lower energy requirements compared to conventional sorter drives.

Sorter control on request

If desired, the new MX 018V Vertical Crossbelt Sorter can be commissioned both quickly and safely, using a modular and autonomous machine control system from Interroll as a plug-and-play solution, and connected to the respective on-site goods management system by the system integrators.

“The linchpin of the new solution is the benefit it offers our customers,” explains Steffen Flender, Managing Director of Interroll Automation GmbH. “That is why the new MX 018V Vertical Crossbelt Sorter is based on our modern crossbelt sorter platform, which is already used in the MX 025H Horizontal High Performance Crossbelt Sorter. In this way, our customers and the users benefit from, among other things, proven technologies, short delivery times and fast spare parts supply as part of the Interroll Lifetime Service.

“At the same time, the system can be seamlessly adapted to user-specific requirements thanks to its modular expandability. One example is the optionally available Top Loader, which is based on the innovative infeed conveyors for crossbelt sorters.”

Today, around 500 sorters from Interroll are already in use worldwide at industry leaders such as Amazon, DHL, FedEx, UPS, Hugo Boss, Inditex (ZARA), Zalando, Swiss Post, Austrian Post and China Post. An important reason for this success is the basic mechanical principle of these automatic sorting systems. Unlike competing products, the number of electronic components in Interroll’s sorter solutions has been kept as low as possible by design. The unique design principle thus ensures maximum availability, very long service lives, minimal operating costs and short payback times.

A video on the new vertical crossbelt sorter is available via: