Indonesian cement manufacturer installs palletiser

28th November 2022

Logistics BusinessIndonesian cement manufacturer installs palletiser

PT SemenTonasa ‘s plant on the island of Bali has commissioned BEUMER Group to supply a palletising system for 40 and 50kg bags. This enables the manufacturer to accelerate processes and relieve its personnel of heavy physical work. Installation and commissioning is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2022.

PT Semen Tonasa is part of Semen Indonesia Group, the largest cement manufacturer in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia alone, the group has a market share of more than 50%. At its Celukan Bawang plant on the island of Bali, employees stack the 40 and 50kg cement bags on pallets, which are then fed into the packaging system.

Reliable palletiser

A forklift truck takes the palletised and packaged stacks and loads them onto the loading spaces of the trucks. For the personnel, this is not only physically very strenuous, but also takes a lot of time. In order to accelerate this process and relieve the personnel, PT Semen Tonasa has commissioned BEUMER Group to supply a layer palletiser.

The cement manufacturer has opted for the palletiser of the system supplier, because the system exactly complies with the required technical specifications. Very good stack quality and reliability are characteristics of the palletiser. A multi-program interface includes all common packing patterns, and can be individually adjusted to the different requirements of the building materials industries.

Global influences such as delivery bottlenecks, shortages of raw materials and logistics problems continue to massively disrupt the supply chains. Nevertheless, the system provider will be able to send the machine to the customer in seven months. The target is to install and commission the machine in the third quarter of 2022.