IFOY FINALIST FOCUS: Jungheinrich ERD 220i

11th May 2022

Logistics BusinessIFOY FINALIST FOCUS: Jungheinrich ERD 220i

In the second of our deep-dives looking at each of the IFOY Award nominated finalists ahead of the winners are announced at BMW World on 30th June, we look at the Jungheinrich ERD 220i Ride-on Electric Pallet Stacker, the second of two entries in the Special Vehicle / Warehouse Truck category.

IFOY category: Special Vehicle / Warehouse Truck

Instead of installing a large, heavy battery between the operator’s platform and the mast, as it was done previously, the ERD 220i uses two compact battery modules of 130 Ah each, which are positioned inside the vehicle chassis. The omission of the bulky battery tray offers significant advantages in the vehicle design. The truck has an L2 dimension of just 1,065 millimetres, making it the most compact vehicle in its class. Compared to its predecessor model, the ERD 220i is more than 300 millimetres shorter thanks to its new lithium-ion battery concept. The no longer required battery tray also means that the vehicle can be offered in two spacious, ergonomically designed platform variants without making any sacrifices in terms of compactness. Both platforms have fixed side guards on three sides, guaranteeing safe driving and comfortable standing.

The ERD 220i fully plays its advantages in the core area of application, lorry loading and unloading in goods handling. While the radically reduced dimensions create more space and freedom of movement in the space-intensive block storage system, the solid steel side walls provide protection on three sides when the traffic gets busy in front of the loading ramp during rush hour. On its transport journeys to the adjoining warehouse, the ERD 220i scores with its spacious driver’s workplace: comfortable driving and standing position and special support thanks to the “third side” of the platform.


The Jungheinrich ERD 220i stands for uncompromising quality in every dimension. Thanks to the new lithium-ion battery concept, the dimensions of the truck are ultra-compact, while at the same time the fixed platform offers high side protection on three sides and maximum space in the generous operator workplace. This triad, combined in just one vehicle, makes our double-deck stacker the most perfect in its class.

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Until recently, you had to make a choice when it came to ride-on pallet trucks: Either go for compact or go for safe or go in the ergonomic direction. With the new ERD 220i, Jungheinrich puts an end to the dilemma of compromise.

Thanks to the integration of the lithium-ion batteries, optionally one or two units with 130 Ah each, the need for a separate battery box is eliminated. This results in a space gain of 300 millimetres, which is entirely due to the very compact dimensions, optimum operator protection and improved ergonomics.

The suspension of the standing platform can be easily adjusted to the operator’s body weight via six switches. The adjustable suspension works noticeably more comfortably. The working position is comfortable and the operator feels much better protected than with a classic pallet truck with a folding platform. Comfort is also excellent, with the possibility to lean against the side wall on both sides. The handles provide a good grip and control in any position.

Another innovation of the lift truck is the smartPILOT tiller steering. The electric steering is very intuitive and has a convenient automatic centre position for straight-line travel. The height is adjustable in four positions and the fork and lift mast are also easy to operate with one hand. The new charging interface connects the truck quickly and easily to an external fast charger (up to 300A). An integrated charger (25A) is available as an option, offering flexibility at any 230V socket.

A pallet truck with double-deck function has made its debut in the IFOY test. So there is no comparison material, but the ERD 220i moves all loads that are also used in regular pallet truck tests easily and smoothly.

The IFOY test truck is an ERD 220i in the drivePLUS version, and in its most powerful mode (P3) it achieves 11.2% higher productivity than the test average in its class for single handling – the second highest value ever. Test consumption at 100 pallets is 35% below the market average. With the maximum battery capacity of 260Ah, a practical operating time of over eight hours is possible. Longer working times are possible thanks to the possibility of easy recharging. In P2 and P1 working modes, productivity remains high and consumption drops even further.

Looking through the optional, extra-reinforced grey protective grille in the mast sometimes makes it difficult to see the fork tips, which are also grey, properly. A contrasting colour may be less beautiful, but is perhaps more practical, says the test team. By the way, the ERD 220i is equipped with a transparent plastic screen as standard.

The operationCONTROL assistance system monitors the combination of load weight and lift height at a self-selectable load centre of gravity at 500, 600 or 700mm. The funktion positionCONTROL offers various options for lift height preselection. Both digital assistance systems prove useful in the double stick test. In this test, a productivity increase of 31 percent was found compared to the transport of a single pallet. Due to the much more efficient transport, the energy consumption per 100 pallets is also lower. The practical operating time in the most powerful mode (P3) is thus up to eight hours and 36 minutes.

IFOY Test Verdict:

Working with pallet trucks is no longer a compromise between safety, compactness and ergonomics. With the new ERD 220i, Jungheinrich sets new standards for a safe, optimally protected and yet super-compact electric pallet truck. The performance is first class and challenges the competition.


Market relevance: Intensive handling of goods via trucks and pallets as well as internal transport operations are the strength of the ERD 220i from Jungheinrich. The pallet stacker meets the increasing demands in terms of safety and space requirements in this area with flying colours. It is therefore seen to have a very high market relevance. The clear advantages of the truck mean that existing products are being replaced or are no longer attractive for the flexible tasks required.

Customer benefit: The ERD 220i gives the user more flexibility and safety. The compactness, which is unique in this class, increases manoeuvrability while maximising safety for the operator. The side and rear protection around the stand-on platform are only found on comparable machines with a greater overall length of 20 centimetres or more. In view of the tight space conditions when loading and unloading trucks, these are decisive advantages for the customer. In addition, the employees are supported by intelligent functions, thus meeting the requirements for ergonomics.

Novelty: The combination of compactness, safety and ergonomics is without doubt new in this class. The integrated solution for Li-Ion batteries, which has already been implemented in other types of equipment, has been implemented for the first time in the ERD 220i and leads to clear advantages. Innovative functions such as an ultrasonic sensor for speed reduction and lighting when driving over trucks underline the innovative character of the device.

Functionality / type of implementation: The ERD 220i is exemplary in its implementation. The batteries, manufactured in-house by Jungheinrich, are integrated into the vehicle chassis, which has contributed to the significant reduction in overall length. However, every additional centimetre has been extracted. A modified mast with an internal fork carriage, for example, resulted in further length savings. The new design results in a very low centre of gravity, which noticeably improves stability when driving. Operation is intuitively simple and can be further simplified by small additional features such as saveable lifting heights.

Conclusion: The ERD 220i convinces all down the line and is seen as the favourite in its category.

market relevance ++
customer benefit ++
novelty +
functionality / type of implementation ++
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