Grammer’s Broad Seat Range at ProMat

20th March 2023

Logistics BusinessGrammer’s Broad Seat Range at ProMat

After a four-year hiatus due to the pandemic, new products will be the focus in Chicago at ProMat 2023, the leading trade show for manufacturing and supply chain industry in Northern America. As one of the market leaders in the forklift seat segment, Grammer will be showcasing its significantly expanded range of seats for forklifts from March 20 to 23, 2023. New highlights at booth S5137 include a haptic warning system, water-resistant seat covers that heighten ease of use, ergonomics, and safety in this demanding workplace.

“Material handling is one of the strongest and fastest growing US market segments for Grammer. Accordingly, it is important for us to present Grammer at this year’s ProMat as an innovation driver and leading supplier of ergonomic seat systems,” says Dr. Andreas Diehl, President Division Commercial Vehicles, Grammer AG. “At the interface between people and vehicles, our seats offer very attractive added value with their top durability, sustainable materials and new smart HMI solutions such as multi-function armrests. In the booming global logistics world, everything is designed for maximum efficiency and speed: We are creating the basis for top performance and productivity with products that help people work safely, comfortably and with maximum concentration over many hours.”

Haptic warning vibration alarm

In the environment in which forklifts are used, acoustic signals or flashing lights indicate obstacles or hazards to the driver. With the frequently high noise levels in production halls, high-shelf warehouses or exterior yards, there is a risk of acoustic warning signals being overheard – unlike a haptic signal that is always reliably felt in the seat. To additionally improve safety in this work environment, Grammer offers a haptic warning system, an ideal addition to audiovisual warning systems: Two vibration motors integrated on the left and right of the seat mean that users no longer miss any important warnings.

This new product can be experienced in the MSG75 seat on display at ProMat. The motors can be activated individually or together and – depending on the OEM’s wishes – controlled by different vehicle sensors.

Water-resistant seat covers

Forklift trucks are often in 24/7 use and operated by several people – indoors in the hall as well as outdoors at the loading ramp or on the service yard.  This reveals two major advantages of the new, water-resistant seat covers from Grammer: they support cleanliness, hygiene and durability because they are particularly easy to clean. And they prevent moisture from penetrating the cover and the upholstery, making hours-long use uncomfortable.

In addition to offering top comfort, they are also temperature-regulating, thus providing warmth in cold conditions, while keeping the seat surface cool in high temperatures. The “hydrophobic” covers are available in several versions, which are fitted to the MSG65 and MSG75 on display at ProMat 2023.

Dualmotion offers better overview

Another innovative highlight in Grammer’s product range increases both safety and ergonomic comfort in forklifts: The Dualmotion adaptive back support rotates backwards with the upper body when the operator looks over his or her shoulder, increasing the support provided by the seat, reducing muscle fatigue when working backwards and improving the visibility of possible obstacles in the vicinity of the forklift.

Complete range at ProMat

The best possible seating in a forklift truck, regardless of its size, combines top safety, ergonomics and operating comfort. Grammer creates the conditions for this with the right seat solutions and individually selectable options such as seat heating, ventilation or different suspension systems: At its booth at ProMat, the company will be showcasing seats from the MSG45, MSG65, MSG75 and MSG95 series – covering the complete range of applications from very compact and lightweight basic seats to fully equipped high-end models.