fulfilmentcrowd and EKM Strike Sales Platform Partnership

11th October 2018

Logistics Businessfulfilmentcrowd and EKM Strike Sales Platform Partnership

Two significant UK ecommerce players have agreed a major partnership deal aimed at streamlining customer experience for online shops throughout the UK.

Preston-based ecommerce website provider EKM and Chorley-based fulfilmentcrowd struck the deal following integration of the companies’ respective platforms.

fulfilmentcrowd is the UK’s leading online order fulfilment specialist, offering an extensive range of logistics management services for multi-channel online retailers. Its UK fulfilment centres have a total warehousing capacity of more than 100,000 sq ft, with a high density picking system and automated dispatch conveyors.

EKM help clients create high-converting and rich content ecommerce websites with a fixed-fee offering that includes hosting, content management, payments, product sourcing and marketing advice.

EKM was the first cloud-based ecommerce platform in the UK and is still the biggest, having set-up 70,000 shops worldwide, which generate over half a billion pounds in sales every year.
The partnership will see EKM customers taking advantage of fulfilmentcrowd’s cost-effective seamless checkout, stock management and order dispatch process.

fulfilmentcrowd’s cloud-based platform augments EKM’s online features with intelligent purchasing tools, total stock visibility and automated order processing.

The availability of stock across fulfilmentcrowd’s centres is displayed in real-time on integrated EKM websites and customers can track the progress of their order through to delivery.