New Electric Piggyback Truck Launched

14th December 2020

Logistics BusinessNew Electric Piggyback Truck Launched

Hiab, part of Cargotec, launches the MOFFETT E4 NX, its next generation eSeries of electric forklifts and the world’s first all electric 3-wheel drive truck mounted forklift. Inside the chassis of a MOFFETT M4, Hiab has constructed a zero-emission truck mounted forklift powered by lithium ion batteries with new controllers and the new HMI (Human Machine Interface) that displays battery capacity, machine performance and service information. The MOFFETT can be charged from a regular household socket or a 30 amp socket for faster charging, as well as from the truck in between deliveries.

The new MOFFETT eSeries, currently available in four E4 NX models with more being added, is not only beneficial to the environment as it has zero emissions, it is also much more comfortable and safer for the operator as it is virtually silent and has less vibrations than a diesel powered truck. The low noise means it can be operated without earplugs allowing the driver to both see and hear danger. It can also be operated at night-time and deliver the cargo inside warehouses.

The total cost of ownership is lower than the equivalent diesel model as it can be electrically charged and has reduced service costs. It is engineered with fewer moving parts, which reduces service time and spare parts costs.

“The MOFFETT eSeries is the natural choice for customers who need to enter low emissions zones, work at night or meet sustainability targets. However, as it’s cheaper to run, safer and more comfortable, we think it will prove popular with customers in a wide range of industries. We are certain that drivers will appreciate working in an exhaust free environment and being able to hear what is happening around them,” says Jann Hansen, Director, Sales & Product Business Management, Truck Mounted Forklift, Hiab.

The MOFFETT eSeries have in-built connectivity so that owners can access Hiab’s HiConnect™. HiConnect monitors over 100 machine parameters. Some are displayed on the HMI while the full range of data are available from the HiConnect web portal. Parameters range from battery capacity to delivery route and time, driver safety and service notifications.