Safety System Scoops Up Second UK Award

8th October 2019

Logistics BusinessSafety System Scoops Up Second UK Award

Safety and assistance systems developer and supplier ELOKON has picked up another industry accolade for its ELOprotect product, winning the Industrial Vehicles & Ancillary category at this year’s BITA (British Industrial Truck Association) Design4Safety Awards. ELOprotect beat a strong line of contenders for first place, underlining the increasing success of this system in the UK as well as in other global markets.

Along with all other ELOKON products, ELOprotect is designed to ensure the highest levels of accident prevention in the warehouse when industrial vehicles such as forklifts are working in proximity to the human workforce. It is a laser-based VNA vehicle-pedestrian safety system which monitors danger zones around forklifts and is automatically activated when a truck enters the narrow aisle. If it detects persons, other forklifts or obstacles it emits visual and acoustic warnings to pedestrians and drivers and automatically brings the vehicle to a standstill. The system is available with various modules such as anti-collision protection to enable the simultaneous operation of multiple VNA trucks in one aisle, ensuring not only maximum safety but also high levels of productivity.