r2c Online deliver ‘tenfold’ increase in productivity for Bertschi UK

13th July 2015

Logistics Businessr2c Online deliver ‘tenfold’ increase in productivity for Bertschi UK

For chemical logistics company, Bertschi UK Ltd, handling over 15,000 containers each year involves endless paperwork and leaves no room for mistakes. In an effort to streamline their system and better monitor overall fleet compliance they have turned to web-based compliance management leaders r2c Online for help.

A subsidiary of multinational market leader Bertschi AG, the Middlesbrough branch provide bulk transport solutions to businesses throughout the UK and Ireland. With a fleet of over 74 vehicles all serviced in-house, compliance and reliability is crucial to ensuring that operations run smoothly.

Looking to boost efficiency, productivity and compliance, Paul Smithyman, Transport Planning Manager for Bertschi UK, recognised the need for tightened fleet control and subsequently approached r2c Online. Smithyman explains, “We were predominantly looking to simplify our system and cut out paperwork. We wanted to ensure that jobs are completed on time and not duplicated, whilst hopefully increasing productivity.”

Smithyman continued, “r2c Online is such a valuable tool for us. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s cost effective and simple. Our team picked it up straight away and already productivity has increased tenfold.”

Bertschi has been using the system for six months and already reports significant improvements within their fleet control, “Since we started using r2c Online we have considerably less paperwork; it has been easier to track faults, control repair costs and monitor the progress of work on vehicles.”

Nick Walls, Managing Director of r2c Online commented, “r2c online was created to give fleets like Bertschi UK a cost effective and robust solution to improve the efficiency and reliability of their compliance management. We are delighted to welcome Bertschi on-board, joining a significant number of fleets now accessing the significant benefits which our system provides.”