PowerCell Links With 3M To Help Meet Fuel Cell Stack Demand

6th October 2016

Logistics BusinessPowerCell Links With 3M To Help Meet Fuel Cell Stack Demand

PowerCell has signed an agreement with the global company 3M to secure larger supplies of MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly), a unit used in the manufacturing of PowerCell´s fuel cell stacks, the PowerCell S1 and PowerCell S2. With the agreement with 3M, PowerCell will secure large volumes of MEA with high quality and performance.

“MEA are necessary in the manufacturing of fuel cells, which means that secure supplies of these are very important to us in our continued production of our fuel cell stacks PowerCell S1 and PowerCell S2. As we see an opportunity of increased demand for our fuel cell stacks, we needed to ensure we get the volume of MEA that we need to meet this demand. By 3M´s advanced MEA technology they can deliver MEA of high quality and performance. 3M meets our high MEA requirements which make them the right choice of supplier for us now and in the future”
, said Per Wassén, CEO, PowerCell Sweden AB.

3M is a world-leading global provider of MEA in the rapidly growing fuel cell market. Through significant investments in expertise and financial resources, 3M has developed advanced materials and manufacturing processes that improve the performance and quality of the MEA.