New HQ For Linde in Bavaria

22nd November 2016

Logistics BusinessNew HQ For Linde in Bavaria

Linde Material Handling has moved into its completely modernised headquarters at Carl-von-Linde Platz in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria where the company says it has created an entirely new work environment for its employees. Equipped with ample multi-space areas, the new premises provide the infrastructure for the Linde MH corporate functions to ensure the company’s successful transformation from industrial truck manufacturer towards an intralogistics solutions provider with maximum possible customer focus.

Andreas Krinninger, Chairman of the Board of Management, Linde Material Handling, sees an analogy between the company with its long-standing tradition and the building which features a listed façade and foyer from the 1950s: “Together these two form the foundation, but the superstructure today is faced with tasks beyond those of 60 years ago.”

To create the new headquarters, the existing building with approximately 7,200 square metres of floor space was completely gutted over a period of 17 months and redesigned in accordance with state-of-the-art workspace concepts. The basic principle is a multi-space office solution, which has been individually tailored to the architectural conditions. In concrete terms this means that the four floors are divided into several open-plan areas, depending on the communication requirements of the functions accommodated there. Located in close proximity to quiet workplaces are a total of 15 acoustically insulated communication zones. Here, employees can convene as needed to discuss issues and ideas, or hold brief project status meetings. Those wanting to make a phone call or work undisturbed for a certain amount of time, can do so in one of the 17 “think tanks” – glass-walled private offices. Thanks to the provision of laptops, wireless LAN and mobile telephone headsets, employees can move about freely and work at any of the 255 available desks, including those of the members of the executive board, according to Andreas Krinninger.

Altogether there are seven rooms of different sizes available for meetings; three of them on the ground floor can be combined to form a conference room accommodating around 100 people. This will make it possible to invite customers and business partners to headquarter events more frequently in the future.