New Electric Counterbalance Truck Launched

27th January 2021

Logistics BusinessNew Electric Counterbalance Truck Launched

Yale Europe Materials Handling has expanded its ground-breaking range of products for less demanding applications with the ERP16-20UXT. Suitable for applications that require intermittent use of materials handling equipment, the three-wheel electric counterbalance truck can help customers in a number of industries with their operations.

The Yale® UX Series was first launched in 2020 after Yale identified a demand for products that are used intermittently, but are still capable of high levels of efficiency and productivity. For small to medium sized companies, or larger companies who require straightforward load movements, the ERP16-20UXT is a good choice due to its low cost of ownership.

Matt Hardy, Yale Solutions Manager EMEA, said: “The ERP16-20UXT electric counterbalance truck offers an affordable solution to customers, with the added benefit of maintenance and support from the experienced Yale dealer network and backed by the trusted Yale name. For this reason, it could be a natural fit for garden centres, light or small manufacturing companies, and third party logistics operators. Small printing companies and farms may also find the ERP16-20UXT meets their requirements.”

To ensure that the ERP16-20UXT provides high levels of productivity even in the shortest period of use, the truck has been designed to offer operators great visibility, comfortable ergonomics, and highly responsive steering.

A clear view

The ERP16-20UXT benefits from a wide mast window, giving the operator a clear view while handling and transporting loads. Due to the shape of the truck, operators can also enjoy good rear vision in the cabin of the ERP16-20UXT.

Inside the ergonomic compartment, all controls are in easy reach to reduce fatigue and increase comfort for the operator. The dashboard mounted IP65 display offers basic information at a glance, such as the battery discharge indicator, travel speed, and fault codes to enable a quick repair. Often businesses with infrequent materials handling needs also have compact working environments. The three wheel design of the ERP16-20UXT minimises the truck’s turning radius, while highly responsive steering enables the operator to move with ease.

Alerting the workforce

In applications where materials handling equipment are not in constant use, it is vital that those in the near vicinity of a truck in operation are alerted to its presence. The ERP16-20UXT comes with an amber strobe light as standard to give pedestrians an additional visible alert to a moving truck. The rear grab handle has an integrated horn button, which allows the operator to easily issue an additional audio warning while reversing.

Hardy said: “Our UX series was developed after gathering customer insight. We realised the opportunity to offer a range of solutions at an affordable price to customers who need responsive materials handling equipment for less demanding operations. The ERP16-20UXT three-wheel electric counterbalance truck is an attractive addition to this range, offering enhanced performance, and low cost of ownership.”