Management Team Shake-Up for Clark Europe

7th May 2019

Logistics BusinessManagement Team Shake-Up for Clark Europe

Clark Europe, based in Duisburg ,Germany, has announced a shake-up of its top team.

The forklift manufacturer has reorganized its management team in the operating business segment as well as in sales and marketing. It says the move was necessary to equip the company for the future and in particular to set in motion the plans for assembly production at the Duisburg site.

Rolf Eiten, President & CEO of Clark Europe, has handed over the management of the operational business to Andreas Krause, in order to be able to concentrate better on strategic business development for the future.

As the new COO (Chief Operating Officer), Krause will in future be responsible for spare parts, order processing, technical support, IT, the European development centre and logistics at the European headquarters. Krause has been with Clark Europe since 2008 and most recently held the position of Technical Director. In that role, he passes the baton on to Klaus Krentscher, who previously worked as a manager in the R&D department and played a key role in the development of the new Clark S-Series. In future, the Marketing division will be the responsibility of Stefan Budweit, who will then be responsible for all sales activities as Director Sales & Marketing.

In the course of planning assembly production, the position of Director Logistics has been created. Karl Hielscher, formerly in charge of warranty and service at Clark, will take over this area of responsibility. Hielscher’s future tasks include not only the entire internal logistics, including the supply of parts for the future production line, but also the workshop, the spare parts warehouse and customer service for direct sales, which Clark has established for the Duisburg region since last year. Hielscher has taken over the spare parts warehouse division from Markus Jöckel, the former Director Parts & Distribution is now responsible for sales and order processing of spare parts as well as for purchasing. As Director Parts Sales & Truck Admin, Jöckel is also responsible for the order processing department of Clark Industrial Trucks.

Seen from left to right are: Stefan Budweit, Director Sales & Marketing, Andreas Krause, COO, Rolf Eiten President & CEO, Markus Jöckel, Director Parts Sales & Truck Admin and Klaus Krentscher, Director Technical Support