Linde Safety Guard Wins Excellence Award at Trade Show

10th October 2019

Logistics BusinessLinde Safety Guard Wins Excellence Award at Trade Show

Linde Material Handling has won the Excellence Award at inter airport Europe 2019 for its innovative “Linde Safety Guard” assistance system which helps to protect both pedestrians and forklift drivers.

The Linde Safety Guard assistance system works using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. The mobile, forklift-mounted units transmit radio signals with centimeter precision, even through walls and doors, and warn drivers and pedestrians of potential collisions via acoustic, visual and tactile signals. In this way, they prevent accidents and increase operational safety. This concept convinced the airport industry experts who voted in an online poll on a total of 55 submissions for new equipment, products and services. “We are delighted to receive the award and are confident that the system will enhance the working environment of logistics employees, helping to keep them safe and healthy, while also increasing productivity in ground handling,” said Product Manager Fabian Zimmermann, who accepted the award on behalf of Linde Material Handling.