Linde to Offer Lithium Battery Rental Concept

1st June 2018

Logistics BusinessLinde to Offer Lithium Battery Rental Concept

Linde Material Handling is to offer a flexible battery rental concept which the company says ensures that customers are on the safe side, both technically and economically.

Logistics specialists are regularly faced with the challenge of adapting their forklift and warehouse equipment fleets to changing conditions on site. This is where the new lithium-ion rental concept from Linde Material Handling comes into play: “No matter whether our customers buy, lease or rent the equipment they need: In future, they will also be easily able to rent lithium-ion batteries,” says Jürgen Kupka, Financial Services Sales Support at Linde. “The greatest possible flexibility and economic security over the entire service life make starting to use this new technology even more attractive.”

Every rental contract is preceded by an analysis of the customer’s individual needs. The rental price depends on the expected usage and the required battery capacity. Operators benefit from the fact that the battery investments are based on energy consumption and are divided into monthly instalments. If the operating hours tot up to more or fewer than originally estimated, the contract can be adjusted accordingly. The latter also applies if the underlying conditions on site change over time. If the company needs a smaller or larger battery version, for example, the Linde network partner simply exchanges the original battery for a different sized one.

Another major advantage of the lithium-ion rental concept, they claim, is the Linde performance guarantee. Customers can rely on the energy storage system functioning perfectly throughout the entire term of contract. As part of the rental agreement, the respective authorized Linde network partner takes care of maintenance and servicing as well as the take-back at the end of the rental period.

As with all rental concepts, customers can benefit from technical progress at the end of the contract. Financing expert Jürgen Kupka: “Lithium-ion technology will most probably see further improvements during the next few years. Our rental concept allows fleet operators to benefit from such improvements on a timely basis, while Linde and its network partners take charge of marketing the second and third lives of the battery.”

“With our newer forklift models, we even offer our customers the option of retrofitting a lithium-ion battery,” adds Jürgen Kupka. “Conversely, forklifts supplied with lithium-ion batteries can be switched back to the lead-acid version at any time and the rental battery be returned prematurely. This ensures a high level of investment security and shows just how convinced we are of this innovative technology.”

In Germany, the rental concept has just been launched on the market with other countries expected to follow suit.