Light Transport Models Added to Linde Portfolio

26th April 2018

Logistics BusinessLight Transport Models Added to Linde Portfolio

Linde Material Handling has added four models suitable for light transport tasks to its range of industrial trucks. The Frankfurt-based OEM describes them as “compact, electrically powered and come with sufficient load capacity”.

“Sometimes all you really need is a simple industrial truck to carry out certain logistics tasks,” says Toufik Oussou, Product Manager Warehouse Trucks at Linde Material Handling. “But even with equipment that on the face of it seems relatively simple, ergonomic and safety aspects should never be compromised. We at Linde Material Handling attach great importance to this.” Such trucks come into their own when for example transporting goods over short distances for only two to three hours a day, when a pallet needs to be stored occasionally, or when they are taken along on heavy trucks to cover the last mile.

The electric pallet truck Linde MT12 with a maximum load capacity of 1.2 tons is the first of the newly added models. Having extremely compact dimensions, the MT12 is ideally suited for work in confined space and truck holds. The versatile assistant is easy and convenient to use: A 0.65 kW AC motor ensures that all manoeuvres can be carried out without exertion of force. A lithium-ion battery supplies the truck for up to three hours, giving it plenty of power during this time. Thanks to the plug and play Li-ION battery it is very easy and convenient for the operator to replace the battery and/or plug it into the charger supplied along with the truck. It takes only 30 minutes to restore 50 percent of the charge, and after two and a half hours the battery is full.

As is typical of Linde, the MT12 comes with numerous safety features, including an electromagnetic brake and a low-mounted long tiller, which secures adequate safety distance between user and vehicle. “With our new electric low-platform truck MT12 as well as with the 1.5-ton load capacity MT15, which has been available since 2016, we are hitting the mark with many customers who need simple equipment to work alongside high-performance trucks. These models perfectly complement our existing range,” explains Oussou.

In the pallet stacker segment, too, the new models expand the existing range of trucks for light to medium applications. The Linde MM10 (mono mast) and Linde ML10 (normal mast) are used mainly for handling of pallets in the load range up to 1,000kg. When storing loads at lifting heights of up to 2m, the mono mast provides the operator with a particularly good view of the load carrier and load. Another plus is that the truck can also deliver valuable help as a mobile workbench providing ergonomic operations. Furthermore, where greater ground clearance is required or ramps and slopes must be contended with, the Linde MM10i with initial lift is available as an additional option.