Latest UniCarrier Aims to Beat Stop-Start Picking Process

4th June 2019

Logistics BusinessLatest UniCarrier Aims to Beat Stop-Start Picking Process

UniCarriers has launched the first in a new range of order pickers. Thanks to an improved design and many technological refinements, the new order pickers meet the ever-increasing demand for efficiency and productivity in order picking, says the company. It is available in four models for lifting capacities from 1,200 to 2,500 kilograms.

Getting in and out up to 300 times, starting and stopping again – countless small interruptions define the picking processes in warehouses. During one shift they add up to an immense loss of time – which is becoming an ever greater challenge in view of the increasing need for efficiency in logistics. To minimise those effects, UniCarriers has developed the new O-range. Starting in July, the globally active manufacturer of industrial trucks will first be offering the four models OLP, OEP, OLH and OEH – order pickers with and without lifting platforms and Ergolift. Further models are to follow in autumn.

Instant Launch and Boost Effect provide speed
One of the key features of the new low level order pickers is their Instant Launch technology that allows the driver to accelerate immediately when boarding without having to operate the presence switch. The vehicle reacts without delays and response times are significantly reduced compared to conventional order picking trucks. The vehicle also reaches top speed quickly, thanks to the new Boost Effect technology. If necessary, the driver can press both acceleration keys simultaneously and bring the low level order picker to its maximum speed within seconds.

Well thought-out ergonomic design
The speed of the warehouse employee determines productivity during picking, therefore convenient, intuitive and ergonomic operation is crucial. Numerous well thought-out design elements of the new series help to process orders quickly and flexibly. Access to the driver’s platform with bevelled sides – the new 3D Step-In – is convenient and safe.

The operator floor area has a step height of only 123 mm, which is below the industry average. With 300 entries and exits a day, a difference of only a few millimetres per step adds up to a significant reduction in physical strain on the driver. The unique platform design, with its excellent damping system and gripped surface structure of the floor provides support without restricting the driver’s mobility. Additionally, the new order picker is equipped with a seat that folds into the back wall, and the comfortable X Control steering wheel offers the driver multiple grip options, which reduces strain and excessive neck angles while reversing. Such refinements are examples of the ergonomic design that is so typical for UniCarriers.