Keg Clamp Attachments for UK Brewer Forklift Fleet

4th September 2020

Logistics BusinessKeg Clamp Attachments for UK Brewer Forklift Fleet

UK brewer Camerons has equipped its forklift fleet with specialist Keg Clamp attachments from B&B Attachments.

The ongoing growth of the brewery business together with the fast pace of the industry, demands a fast and efficient end of line logistics process. To ensure the supply operations are as safe and productive as possible, it requires a fleet of reliable forklift trucks equipped with specialist Keg Clamp attachments, each capable of handling up to 18 kegs at a time.

The Keg Clamp attachments provided by B&B Attachments were fitted to a fleet of four Jungheinrich trucks. This attachment provides secure clamping of kegs and casks and ensures ease of movement of both full and empty barrels around the yard and production facility. It provides the driver with excellent visibility when approaching the load, whilst also increasing driver confidence and ensuring safe and secure handling on site.

The kegs are securely clamped between the three tines of the attachment. The tines include a special rubber insert to prevent keg slippage, and to secure any slightly smaller rogue kegs which may be included in the overall stack. A vertically adjustable, articulating load stabilising frame, moves downwards and holds the keg stack securely in place. The Keg Clamp standard features include; low profile, fast moving keg pack stabilisers, with long lasting rubber pad, wear indicators on tines, and end of stroke cushioning on side shift movement.

Richard Forster, Logistics Manager at Camerons Brewery comments, “Camerons long standing relationship with B&B Attachments spans 11 years. They are a trusted supplier, and the keg clamps provided are the most effective solution for improving productivity when it comes to our product handling.”

This specialist keg handling attachment is available through B&B Attachments. B&B prides itself on providing efficient handling solutions for all industry sectors, including brewing, construction, paper handling and logistics. Contact B&B Attachments by e-mailing