Improved Pedestrian Pallet Trucks and Stackers from Toyota

17th January 2019

Logistics BusinessImproved Pedestrian Pallet Trucks and Stackers from Toyota

Toyota has added features to its BT Levio & BT Staxio pedestrian W-models, which it says offer even more fit for (un)loading, stacking and horizontal transport in confined areas.

The stackers can be equipped with low-noise hydraulics as option, for a lower noise level. This makes these trucks ideal for working in noise-sensitive and quiet environments such as supermarkets, shops and on-board lorries during night-time deliveries.

The BT Staxio W-series is now also available with a weight indicator that displays an estimation of the load weight on the forks. This prevents the lifting of too heavy loads, as well as overloading lorries, elevators and loading docks.

The BT Staxio SWE080L-140L stackers with initial lift can transport two pallet loads at the same time (one on the support arms and one on the forks), while the BT Staxio SWE200D is designed specifically for double stacking. The ability to transport two loads at the same time contributes to higher productivity.

The battery lid cover and motor cover of all BT Levio & Staxio W-models have been updated for improved robustness, aligning the design with the rest of the product family.

Both W-series can be equipped with speed reduction when cornering, making them ideal to handle tall and unstable loads. This improved stability prevents damages and injuries from happening, for enhanced safety in the workplace.

Lithium-ion battery power and Toyota telematics come as standard.