Hyster Reaction Assists in Demanding Forklift Operations

30th May 2024

Logistics BusinessHyster Reaction Assists in Demanding Forklift Operations

Hyster has introduced a new lift truck operator assistance system to support operator best practices in tough and demanding applications. Hyster Reaction™ reinforces proper lift truck operation by adjusting truck performance based on real-time equipment status, location, and operating conditions.

“Mitigating lift truck incidents, safety violations, and operational downtime is a priority for many intense indoor forklift operations,” says Daniel Heap, Manager, Product and Commercial – Technology and Connected Fleet. “Hyster Reaction meets this challenge head-on with a robust solution that can help safeguard productivity and support site safety processes. Developed in collaboration with one of the world’s largest logistics and technology companies, it represents an investment of more than 29,000 hours in research and development.”

Hyster Reaction keeps the operator in ultimate control of the truck but employs a range of equipment performance controls that adapt based on location, equipment-specific thresholds, and proximity to obstacles or pedestrians to proactively adjusts truck performance.

• Forklift proximity sensors – Speed is automatically limited when approaching pedestrians and equipment or according to location-specific rules. For example, when lift trucks approach a four-way cross or designated pedestrian zone. Local or real-time location technologies use tags to detect trucks, pedestrians, and beacons, helping inform performance controls. Object detection with LiDAR technology also detects obstacles in the path of travel, including those not connected to proximity tags.

• Hydraulic function control – Hyster Reaction continuously gathers inputs from the multiple detection technologies to implement performance adjustments to travel speed and acceleration. It also uses these inputs to adjust hydraulic functions, including lift, lower and tilt. This helps improve load stability and helps reduce the risk of tipping and load slip. It includes an overload arrest function to prevent operators moving loads that exceed specified weight thresholds.

• Dynamic operator alerts – When Hyster Reaction detects a pedestrian or obstacle in the path of travel, a location-based speed limit, or other condition, the system initiates a performance reduction that is noticeable to the operator as well as providing visual and audible alerts. These support operator awareness and provide additional reaction time.

“Hyster Reaction is a comprehensive solution that may help companies overcome tough operational challenges. Coupled with correct training, we have found that Hyster Reaction can be a useful tool in reducing risks and reinforcing safety initiatives,” says Heap. “Consolidating these technologies, controls, and features into one package enables sites to benefit from a single, robust solution, adaptable and scalable for their specific application needs.”

Hyster Reaction is available for selected Hyster lift trucks and warehouse equipment models. The solution can be ordered via the official Hyster dealer network.

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