High-level Order Picker Promises “Unbeatable Pick Height and Capacity”

6th September 2018

Logistics BusinessHigh-level Order Picker Promises “Unbeatable Pick Height and Capacity”

Mitsubishi has now developed the new VELiA EX, its new range of mid-to-high-level order pickers.

Engineered to drive productivity, while saving time and money, VELiA EX includes a heavy-duty, 48-volt model which offers, says Mitsubishi, an unbeatable over 12m pick height and 1250 kg capacity.

Like every Mitsubishi order picker, the VELiA EX benefits from what the company says are crucial features which impress operators and employers alike – as standard.

With its wide entry and ultra-low step height – just 215 mm – it aims to offer virtually effortless access. Easy grab handles offer added security when entering/exiting the platform. To minimise the risk of slips and falls, designers have covered it in a super-grip material.

Further protection is offered by VELiA EX’s Operator Presence Sensor (OPS). Set in the platform, removes the need for a dead man’s switch, a common trip hazard. Because OPS covers a wide area, operators have freedom of movement within the cabin – reducing risk of fatigue and delays.

Visibility plays a significant role in safe, productive picking. Recognising this, Mitsubishi designers looked for new ways of maximising the operator’s field of vision.

This work resulted in the development of the MaxVision mast and overhead guard. With clear-view forward panels and roof, it extends VELiA EX’s visibility for precise, damage-free operations.

VELiA EX’s powerful AC motor ensures high drive speed and acceleration – even when fully laden.

An ECO mode allows employers to reduce their energy consumption by 12 per cent – without affecting the machine’s performance.

Because the mid-to-high-level order picker’s operation is so smooth, quiet and controlled, VELiA EX owners benefit from extended shift length and lower maintenance requirements, according to the Japanese manufacturer.