Ground Support Equipment Specialist Selects Camso Tyre

23rd October 2019

Logistics BusinessGround Support Equipment Specialist Selects Camso Tyre

Camso’s Solideal AIR 561 ground support equipment tyre is to equip TLD’s new driverless baggage tractor TractEasy – which has been developed in collaboration with EasyMile, as well as its Jet-16 baggage tractor, their flagship vehicle. Since June 2019, both ground support equipment pieces come standard-fitted with Solideal AIR 561 full assemblies (tyres and wheels).

“We’re impressed with the dedication of Camso’s development team in designing not just a long-life solution, but one that tackles the specific challenges of ground support applications,” explains Yves Crespel, Communication Director at TLD. “With the Solideal AIR 561, we’re confident customers will be equipped with a performing solution that will lower their overall operating costs.”

Camso’s ability to provide a long-lasting tyre specifically designed for this GSE application was a determining factor in this partnership. The Solideal AIR 561 is the ideal solution to meet the baggage tractors’ unique set of requirements for versatility and manoeuvrability. These vehicles were previously equipped with block tread pattern tyres, which are poorly suited for the high-speed, long distances, and short-turning radius of these machines, causing uneven wear of the tyres, which leads to recurring vibration issues. In the case of the Jet-16, this affects driver comfort and results in lower tyre life – all of which triggered TLD to investigate a more suitable and performing solution.

The Solideal AIR 561’s distinctive ribbed tread pattern minimizes vibration due to uneven wear and reduces snaking, two important challenges when operating on airport grounds. It provides greater stability, ensuring increased operator comfort and tyre life. Its energy-efficient rubber compound also helps reduce wear and rolling resistance, while its unique “lug with sipes” design increases traction in low-grip conditions.